13 August 2012

Monday got the Best of Me

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I feel like Monday has gotten the best of me already.

All the machines are hard at work washing clothes, dishes.
(And so they should be. My laundry pile reaches to the roof. We're all out of socks and undies.)

One child has made it out the door to school. Another is hiding under the covers refusing to get out of bed.
(What do you do with a kid like that? She's not sick. Is a mental health day justified?)

The sun is pouring through my window promising a lovely morning.
(But I am not convinced. Last week the sun tricked me into setting up an outdoor playgroup and then it started pouring with rain leaving me to mad-dash bring stuff in and re-set it all up inside. Gah.)

So does it look to you like I am organised enough to have pre-scheduled a well-written post for the Best in Blog linky?

Monday is on top of me already and I am unprepared.
There's a Visa for China needing to be taken to the Consulate.
There's a friend coming for lunch.
Messy rooms needing to be tidied and toys set up before playgroup people arrive in less than one hour.
There's no food in my cupboards and a kid shouting, "MUMMMMYYYY!!!!" from the bedroom.
I am still in my pyjamas.
I somehow doubt they'd pick me for the cover of Time Magazine.

I saw 60 Minutes last night about Attachment Parenting. Super-mums who sleep with their kids and breastfeed til they're practically tweens. These mums emit the rosy glow I once thought I'd have; they seem to never get angry or frustrated, tired or overwhelmed, craving peace or space. Their children are apparently well-adjusted, empathetic and a joy to behold.

The article showed a Time Magazine cover on the topic that read: "Are You Mom Enough?"

Well, obviously not.
There's just no way I could be an Attachment Mom. No personal space? Constant broken sleep? Endless breastfeeding?
Yet somehow the women they interviewed managed to look like Pantene Models, shiny-eyed and glowing with well-heeled serenity. How do they do it?
Here I am in my PJ's feeling and looking frumpy and tired and wishing the week was over when it's just begun.
I'm just not Mom Enough, I guess.

Would an Attachment Mom let her daughter stay in bed if that's what they needed? Is that why they look so serene - no battles of wills or defiant disobedience? Just, "Sure sweetheart if that's what you want?"

I mean, they ask permission to change their baby's pooey nappy, so I'm guessing if The Princess wants a Day Off, she gets a Day Off.
Maybe I'll try being an Attachment Mom today and see how that one works out?
I could sure use a conflict-free Monday Morning.

Here's the Linky plain and simple.
No lengthy explanations, no blah blah. I need to save my energy for the rest of Monday.
I can't let Monday beat me.

Best in Blog Linky

So just link up and leave me a comment. Let me know I'm not alone in this bewildering world of un-attached Monday mummyhood...


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