04 September 2012

Never too Young (or Old) to Be a Ninja...

It's my firmly-held belief that kindness and generosity are caught, not taught. Since both of those traits are super-important to me, I've always wanted my kids to grow up being kind and generous. Of course it's one thing to tell them "be kind" and and "share!" but another altogether to model the values I want them to embrace.

So when I saw Sophie's post about the Sisterhood Ninja Cookie Drop, although I inwardly trembled at the thought of all that baking, I volunteered to become a Cookie Ninja - planning all the while to drag my kids along for the ride.

I was counting on the fact that Scrag is always up for some baking, and Miss Fab is pretty game for most things. I knew that Dash would be the one who'd need the most convincing.

[we baked our favourite choc chip cookies and hokey pokey biscuits]
Sure enough, Scrag was keen to mix ingredients and lick spoons, Miss Fab hunted out some Ninja-disguises to wear (which were soon discarded)... but Dash sat on the couch, Wii remote firmly planted in hand and (at first) refused loudly to participate.

Until I bribed him with left-over cookies. When I mentioned "a treat" for all participating Ninjas and promised that he wouldn't have to actually knock on any strangers doors, or risk being embarrassed in any way he relented and got into the car. (He's getting to That Age where potential embarrassment is a fate worse than Death.)

Sometimes budding philanthropists and ninjas need a little push.
They might be slow to get on board but once they get going, they'll realise what a great feeling you get helping people.

Once they've given "random kindness" a go, they'll see that there's nothing to be afraid of and blessing others is a wonderful way to spend a blustery Saturday afternoon - even if the idea of baking cookies for complete strangers and dropping them off anonymously might seem a little strange at first.

So although we got off to a less than glorious start, after the first drop, the kids were into it. While I drove the getaway vehicle, they took photos of each other (and me), carefully nursed the cookie jars and read out the addresses to me so we could find our "targets".

Miss Fab was our Super Cookie Ninja...

...although by the time we got to our last drop-off Scrag was bursting to have a turn too...

Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, we headed to McD's for a milkshake, mission accomplished.
Later after we returned home, I turned on my computer so I could see if anyone had posted stuff on The Sisterhood Page about the Ninja Drop.

Wow. Messages and photos were starting to fill the page. Messages from people who had received cookies. Photos from other Ninja Bakers.
I was goosebumps from head to toe, reading people's reactions to their ninja baking surprises; smiling at messages from Ninja Bakers with tales of near-discovery and feeling the joy of being part of something like this.

Pretty amazing heart-warming stuff. Throughout the evening I kept coming back to the computer to see updates. Imagine my surprise and delight when I spotted a message from one of my "targets"...

I was able to call the kids over and read them Jess's message, so they could see for themselves that our simple act of Cookie-Baking and Ninja Dropping had made somebody's day.
They were stoked, and I was moved.
What a wonderful thing to be a part of. Women all over this country baking treats for complete strangers just to bless them, no strings attached.

Now here's how you can be involved and help Sophie and the Sisterhood to do even more to bless mums and families around New Zealand - it won't cost you a thing, just a few seconds of your time.


Vote for Sophie Laughton-Mutu for the AMP Peoples Choice Awards. If The Sisterhood gets the most votes, they (we) will receive $10,000 to keep spreading the love and joy. Imagine what The Sisterhood could do with that amount of money, how many people could be touched and blessed? Look what they (we) have done already, beginning with nothing? Two Amazing rounds of Love Bombs sent to mums who need a boost all over the country and now a Ninja Cookie Drop to 170 families in one weekend.

So Pleeeease, get behind Sophie's amazing Sisterhood initiative and VOTE???


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