08 July 2015

We Made a Jungle

Jungle theme decor with pallet bridges

I just wanted to share with you these photos of the Jungle me and my clever friend Carla created in the foyer of the Mercury Theatre for Shout Kids school holiday programme this week. We sewed acres of vines, cut out thousands of felt leaves, sewed a four-metre giant snake, a gazillion cushions, made a waterfall from cheap taffeta and tarps and a rock wall from brown paper.
But the pièce de résistance had to be the AMAZEBALLS pallet bridges that Carla's amazing hubby made from pallets, from the dump.

Together with an army of Bible college student volunteers we pulled an all-nighter on Sunday and transformed a boring foyer into a magical jungle. All the months of planning and sewing and gluing and cutting came together and, just WOW.

I loved working with Carla. She has so much creativity (and is so much cleverer than this novice-with-sewing-machine). We had an idea to make a "pallet bridge" at the entrance, i.e. a couple of pallets, literally, with some rope handles attached somehow. But when Carla's hubby Bonar got involved the plan went to a whole other level. When I left at 2am, having done all I could do (for my part) on the rest of the space, Bonar was still going strong, with one bridge done, one to go. I have no idea what time he finished, but the result was so far beyond what Carla and I had imagined. Bonar - you're a legend!

I love it when a plan comes together.
No more words. Just (mostly) pictures...

Amazing Pallet Rope bridges - made with stuff from the dump!

This is the entrance - the kids come through the doors and straight across the bridges, over the "river".

Coffee sack walls, with vines and butterflies

Close up of the wall, coffee sacks hot-glued together and draped with "vines" and butterflies.
(Hot glue bonds fabric really strongly, enough to hold the weight of all those sacks joined together).

Jungle chill-out zone (no monkeys)

The Jungle Chill-out Zone.
(No Monkeys).

Jungle signs made from old decking timber
Giant 4-metre snake made by Carla
Chill out zone with bean bags and cushions

The Jungle Cafe...
 Jungle cafe with vines

The Waterfall by day...

The Waterfall lit up at night...

Waterfall made by layering shiny blue taffeta with white tulle and christmas lights

We think the kids will like it.
I know I would, if I was a kid.
Whaddya reckon?

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