25 March 2016

Our Easter Traditions Roundup

Breakfast this morning was hot chocolate, hot cross buns and "what was happening right now two thousand years ago?"

Happy Easter! In case you're wanting something more than chocolate and bunnies to celebrate the reason for the season, I decided to pop up a quick post sharing our Easter inspiration from years gone by.
We've developed a tradition that of Easter dinners and communion in a Passover style which has evolved over the years... Beginning with this first crazy one way back in 2009, when hubby and I "time traveled" from AD30 to tell our kids about the first Easter - dressed as "Mary Magdalene" and "Peter".
It was hilarious - and thanks to Grandma's secret filming of our antics, we can still crack ourselves up at our dodgy accents.

Our favourite Easter Tradition is having an Easter Dinner together and "communion" with lamb, pita bread and grape juice (wine)

So began a tradition of dressing up in tea towels and scarves, roasting lamb and drinking grape juice on Easter: our version of "Passover" and a way to remember and honour the meaning of Easter.
And finally - my thoughts on Easter and faith and creating traditions that give us a chance to pause and reflect on what it's all about. A way to pass on our faith to our children in a meaningful and fun way.
This year - today, Good Friday 2016 - marks twenty years exactly since my husband found his own faith in Christ. Tonight we are celebrating with roast lamb, pita bread and grape juice. We probably won't wear towels on our heads, but we've asked our kids to each share what Easter means to them, and I'm sure What their faith means to them. They are bigger now. their faith has grown and been tested as they have.
This year, Easter holds new and special meaning for them and us.

I love that what started as fun and games all those years ago, has evolved into something meaningful and real to all of us. It's what I always hoped for.

Have a Blessed Good Friday!

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