09 March 2016

Paper Garlands and Getting to Hawaii

Did you know that I am no long the Glue Gun Queen? I have a SEWING MACHINE and I use it all the time. Most recently I used it to create a bunch of paper garlands to sell at our garage sale on the weekend.

Miss Fab and I are fundraising to get her (and me) to Hawaii in June for an international Cheerleading competition. How cool is that?
Me and Fab in Hawaii. Competing with the best cheerleading teams from around the world.
But first we have to get there.

Sewing paper garlands at Christmas
Making Paper Circle Garlands

So we are being creative and clever and thinking up all our best ideas to help get us there.
Garage sales and garden tea parties. And selling Paper Garlands.
See, I only sold TWO garlands at the garage sale, cute as they are. Maybe people don't come to garage sales expecting to find crafty offerings? That's OK, our garage sale was unlike any other.

Our garage sale was unlike your usual garage sale (it was cuter)

We even sold coffee and iced tea.
But not many Paper Garlands, unfortunately.
So I thought, Hey! Maybe some of my blog readers might like to own some of these beauties, made by me?!
Maybe they might be keen for a string of colourful paper circles, made from vintage books and recycled birthday cards.
Maybe there might be one or two kind souls out there who would love to string up a garland and help us on our way?
You never know.
So I'm selling my cute-as paper garlands here on my blog.

Spiderman Comic paper garlands
Vintage Book paper garlands: left = Monochrome, right = colour

There are TWO kinds of garlands:
  1. Paper garlands made from vintage annuals, books and comics. Choose from: Girl or Boy annuals, Fantastic Four annual, Playtime annual or SPIDERMAN comics. (Round circles)
  2. SILVER STAR GARLANDS. Made from metalic silver card, star-punched and stitched into a garland.
Garlands are around 2 metres long, sewing-machine stitched, with a loop on each end for hanging.
I'm selling them for $5 + postage ($3 to NZ, Australia or USA).

They come bagged up in cellophane, with the star garlands carded to avoid tangling, and I reckon they're super cute. So, anybody keen for a garland? Help a sister out? 


Help me get Abby to Hawaii for her Cheer comp!

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