23 September 2008

Off to Mauritius!

OK now, don't be jealous, but I have to tell you that this time next week we are off to Mauritius!
Just me, Mr G and Bub. It's a work thing, really, Mr G is an insurance broker and he qualified for this trip. We can't take the big kids but baby Scrag gets to come.

So soon I am sure I will be writing about the joys of travel with little ones. We've done it before, no probs! (yeah right) We took Dash to the UK when he was 8 months. Luckily he was (and still is) a great traveller. Princess, not so much! Short hops around the Pacific have been our limit. She is improving though, as she gets older, so maybe next year we take a trip to visit the English rellies?

In the meantime... ahhhh! Mauritius beckons! The Hilton, no less! (OK, I am bragging now).

It's a long way to go though. I am frantically making lists for our babysitter, trying to find a lay-back stroller and work out what I need to take for bub that will all fit within our baggage allowance.

Last year the trip was to Malaysia. I had just found out the day before that I was pregnant; the morning sickness was chronic, and the smells...!!
This year, I will be able to enjoy a glass of wine!

So, it may be a while before I post again, as I will be mad busy getting everything ready. But I'll be back... with photos!

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Sophie said...

that sounds amazing Simone! Enjoy enjoy!! What a wonderful treat!

Rebecca said...

you lucky duck!!! have fun. As you can see I'm now fully set up on my brand new computer...I'm such a lucky duck too!!!! Thanks so much X

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