09 September 2008


I am not a morning person, which is why I need things like my "Get Ready" CD to get me out the door on time. (See my post under "Getting Organised).

The other day I was on time, the kids were ready, we were a well oiled machine, walking out the door at 8.30am on schedule... until I get in the car and can't put it in gear! I try (gently) to shift the gear stick, but it is jammed, locked, not budging!

OK, don't panic, I say to myself. I have 15 minutes to walk (run) to school.

Get the pram out, put the baby in, get a water bottle, nope can't find one, too bad, just get going...!

We practically run all the way to kindy, drop off Princess, back out the gate and up the hill... By now the bell has gone. Smug parents who have been on time shake their heads at me as they return from dropping off their punctual offspring.

I rush (quietly) into Dash's classroom and explain to his sympathetic teacher why we are late... "It's a mystery! We were on time and then for some reason the gears jammed!"
Ahhhh... now a leisurely walk home, just in time to beat the rain. Put the baby in bed and then ring Mr G to let him know the car is broken...

The conversation goes like this:

ME: "You wouldn't believe what happened, I had to run all the way to school and only just got there before the roll went to the office! I was on time but then I just couldn't get the car to work. The gears were stuck!

Mr G: Hmmm... did you have your foot on the brake when you tried to shift the gears? You have to have your foot on the brake; it's an automatic!

ME: Ahhhh... what?? Ohhhhh?!!! Nooooo!

Sure enough when I try it again (this time with foot on brake) the gears work like magic! Duh!!

(PS: Goes to show that my brain really is still asleep til after 10am)

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PaisleyJade said...

Well I've learnt something new - and I drive an automatic everyday! You are not alone. :)

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