09 October 2008

Collage Christmas Cards - Easy & Fun!

Our Christmas card-making is going great (read my earlier post about our Christmas project below). We have got a stack of orders! My mum (Nan) has ordered 4 packs of 5 for herself plus one for a friend. She has also promised to ask around her other pals to sell some more for us once she has some to show them. Meanwhile Grandma in England sent us a txt today to say: "Better get making cards! I want 40!"

Eek!! So today being still the school holidays, me and the kids got right into it.

I do the cutting and folding and sticking on the main shapes, then I give the basic "shell" to the kids for them to add the pizazz... in other words lots and lots of glitter.

Dash likes to put on the shiny spangle leaves that he thinks are silver ferns - he decorated one Christmas Tree card as an All Black Christmas tree! Princess is the glitter queen - there's no such thing as too much.

Each card is uniquely different. Each pack has one card of each design - 5 in total. We are selling them to the doting grandparents for $5 a pack - a bargain! On the back is a little label which reads:

This card was hand-made for you by
Dash (age 5) and Princess (age 4) as part of our family’s
“Room at the Inn” Christmas Project 2008:
Raising funds for the Watoto “Bulrushes” who rescue
orphaned babies in Uganda.

To read how to make your own collage cards based on our designs click here. We are having so much fun. Princess has probably done about 2/3 of them, but Dash is also enjoying it and has upped his "output rate"! Today before we did cards, I baked some muffins. Then when we had finished we had a "tea party" to reward ourselves. We put on Christmas music while we worked; Dash got up and danced with the broom to a couple of songs - very entertaining!

As well as raising the money, helping the orphaned babies and focussing the kids on giving this Christmas, half my purpose has been to enjoy the process and have a great time together. So far it's all going to plan!

(I told the kids to stick out their little fingers when they drink their tea - check out Dash's attempt!)

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Ella said...

Super cute packs...and what an awesome cause...you're amazing Simone! Yay too for Grandma's!

Ella said...

Opps the last comments from me-Rebecca but its come thru on Ellas account!

Sophie said...

That looks like awesome fun! Love Josh's posh tea-drinking technique! How was Mauritius?

Anonymous said...

I have not seen a better article.

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