15 October 2008

A Taste of Summer

I'd like to shake the hand of the genius who gave us daylight saving at the start of the school holidays. Fantastic - two whole weeks to adjust to the time change; what a difference it has made this year! Someone give that woman a medal.

This evening was just so pleasant! It held all the promise of warm summer evenings eating outdoors, relaxing, playing and just enjoying being at home together.

As usual I had left dinner prep to the last minute and hadn't decided til after 4pm what to cook - hamburgers and homemade chips. Mmmmm... and since it was just so lovely outside, why not have our first al fresco dinner of the season? Brilliant! Unlike our ill-fated Indian Party, there were no tantrums or tears, just lots of playing and eating.

Baby Scrag was happy in his swing that we have hung up for him next to the outdoor table. Afterwards the kids jumped on the trampoline in their PJs (Dash has superman jammies - made for some cool photos!)

I like spontaneous best. So if the mood strikes you one balmy evening, here's how we made our outdoor feast...

Homemade Kumara and
Potato Chips

2 medium washed Kumara (skin on)
4 small washed potatoes (skin on)
Olive oil spray
Baking Paper

Slice the potatoes and kumara into 5mm thick slices, so they cook quickly. Line an oven tray with baking paper. Spray with a little olive oil. Spread kumara and potato peices out on tray one layer thick. Spray the tops with a little more olive oil.
Bake in the oven at 190oC for approximately 20 minutes. No need to turn.
When cooked pop into a bowl lined with a paper towel and sprinkle with a little salt and black pepper. Yum! These taste just like the store-bought oven fries but way cheaper and better for you. (Enough for 4 hungry people)

No-Fry Homemade Hamburger Patties

500g beef mince (lean if possible)
1 egg
A handful of cornflour
A splodge of tomato sauce
A splash of gluten free soy sauce (Tamari)
Salt and pepper
Roasting dish lined with baking paper

Squelch together in a bowl until all mixed. The flour and egg binds the meat together. Grab a handful and pat it round and flat.
Place in roasting dish on baking paper.
Repeat process until the mixture is used up. Bake in oven at 190oC for approximately 10 minutes or until cooked through. No need to turn. makes 6-8 patties (depending on the size)

Burger Buns: Burger Buns (you can use gluten free baps/buns for those who are gluten free). Split the buns and smear some lite olive spread or oil on each side. Bake in the oven on an oven tray for approx 3-4 mins when the patties are nearly cooked. this makes them light and toasty.

Burger Fillings: Put the fillings on the table in bowls for everyone to make their own favourite combination. Ingredients could include: Sliced tomato, Lettuce, Avocado, grilled bacon, sliced cheese, pickles... plus mayo, tomato sauce, relish - the list is endless.


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Sammy said...

Simoney! What a fabulous blog! I will be using all your recipes and ideas when reubens grows up beacuse you KNOW you are the party queen!!! Love you heaps xxxx

Snappy Kat said...

Hi Simoney
I tried making the homemade burgers but cheated as I resorted to the fry pan (gasp!) and regretted it when the oil kept spitting onto my face :( but in the end the kids looooooved it and luckily the auckland weather didn't cave in this time woohoo thumbs up to you xxx

Simoney said...

Kathy! it's so much easier doing it in the oven cause you don't have to stand there! Just chuck them in and pull them out when done! You know I am a lazy cook and will always try to find the easy way! :) xxx

Gail said...

Still too cold for me to eat outside yet ... I'm pathetic that way. Yum love Kumara chips - but I'm the only one in this household of potato lovers!

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