12 October 2008

My First Travel Adventure

By Jonathan

Hello I am Scrag, and I am nearly six months old. My mummy and daddy took me on a big adventure last week, my first trip on an airplane. We travelled all the way to a little island called Mauritius. That's near Africa in the Indian Ocean. I now have a stamp in my passport!
The trip was for daddy's work; my big brother and sister couldn't come (no kids allowed) only me, cause I'm a baby. I am so lucky!
The plane trip took a really really really long time - a whole day of travelling - to get to Mauritius. I liked the plane; I got my own little bed to sleep in and there were lots of people in the seats around me who I could talk to and smile at. I made lots of new friends.

I got to see everything from the cool backpack someone lent us; the view from up on Daddy's back was great - much better than looking at people's knees like usual.
We had a pretty nice hotel (it was called the Hilton or something; mummy says that's pretty flash). I don't really know about these things, cause I'm just a baby. All I know is that it was sunny and warm and I got to go for my first swim in a swimming pool. I have these really cool new togs, but there's no photo of me swimming, cause mummy was in bed; she got sick on the trip and the doctor had to come and give her some medicine. Poor mummy.
But after two days, the medicine worked and then we got to go on a boat trip! We went to an island with palm trees where my dad went snorkelling and me and mummy just relaxed in the shade, with nice people bringing mummy (non-alcoholic) cocktails. There were some guys playing guitars and singing to us. It was pretty cool.

Everybody on daddy's work trip liked me a lot. They said I was such a good baby and I hardly cried. Well, that's cause I think I love to travel! It's a great way to meet new friends. All you have to do is start laughing and people seem to just join in.
At night time my mummy and daddy went out to a fancy dinner where there was fireworks and Indian dancers and lots of nice food. I don't know, I was at the hotel; but I had a really nice babysitter called Tara. She was a kind lady who sang me songs.

The next day it was time to go home already. I was sad about that. I started to cry a bit and mummy thought maybe I was sick (since I don't really cry very much) so she got the doctor again. He looked in my ears and said I was ok. Daddy said, see I told you. But mummy said, better safe than sorry, and at least we have travel insurance.
It took a long time to get home again - another whole day! Mummy and daddy were very tired and so was I. But we were glad to be home again and see our Dash and Princess. We missed them a lot. Next time we go on an airplane I think we will have to take them with us. And maybe we will go somewhere not so far away? But I definitely think I like to travel. It's a great way to see the world (plus I want some more stamps for my passport!)

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Rebecca said...

You are one lucky baby!!!!!!!!Hi to your mum and dad from me X

Gail said...

The Hilton huh? Not bad for your first hotel stay!!!!
That really is a LONG way to travel!

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