11 November 2008

Career Options...

It always gives me a good laugh listening in to kids' conversations with each other. The things they talk about!

Last week when I was dropping off Miss Fab at Kindy, a little boy ran up to her and said: "Hey, are you having a party in the Family Corner today? Can I come?"

Turns out Miss Fab has been hosting parties (like mother like daughter?) She's been "decorating" the family corner, making playdough cakes, and sending out "invitations" to everyone to come to her parties. A possible career in Party Planning?

She often talks about what she wants to be when she grows up. Sometimes she says, "I just want to be a mum like you mummy..." (I explain to her that I did used to have a job and go out to work, at which point she looks confused)

I always tell her she can be whatever she wants to be.
So far her career possibilities have included...

A Hairdresser... She practised on herself, aided by her good friend Miss O, who had the good sense to decline Miss Fab's offer to cut her hair. She took a big chunk out of her fringe and behind one ear; she found the scissors at a friend's house and came out saying, "Ta-da! look at me mummy!"

A Doctor... She has been fascinated with Doctors since she broke her arm at 18months old. She used to make me lie on the bed so she could "fix me".

Something in Fashion... She has a natural funky style, involving unusual combinations which somehow work. As I said in an earlier post, she has always had definite ideas on what she likes to wear.

A Dancer/something in showbiz... of course all little girls seem to want to be a Dancer at some stage. With Miss Fab I think her flair for the dramatic could see her end up on the stage sometime! She is constantly making us watch her "shows", where she sings and dances, making up the lyrics to songs she doesn't know the words for - and they all rhyme!

A Politician... Mr G says, "Fab you could be the Prime Minister! I think you have what it takes to run the Country!" She is a natural leader and networker; she is good at including people and also her natural bossiness is somehow tempered by an ability to get others to follow her...

Miss Fab and Dash have regular conversations about who they will marry...(!) I didn't know kids think about stuff like that so early??

Miss Fab still says she will marry her blonde kindy friend, "Desley". The mum of her other best boyfriend (we'll call him "Jack") sent me these very cute photos of her son and Miss Fab... Apparently she already married "Jack" one day when she went to his house for a playdate! I guess she is keeping her options open??

As for Dash, he isn't keeping his options open at all. Ask him what he wants to be when he grows up and his answer is unwaveringly: "A Soccer player. For Newcastle and England. Not for New Zealand." I am going to have to prepare myself for him going to live in England when he gets older.

And last night he also told me who he will marry. His future bride is a girl from his class who we will call "Shylo". The conversation went like this...

Dash: "Shylo said I could marry her if I want.

Me: "And what will you do after you get married?"

Dash: "Shylo wants to live in London. I want to live in the country but she wants to live in the city.We'll have some children. Shall I tell you how many? Shylo wants to have 4 but I want to have 6 (!) Three boys and three girls."

Me: "Wow, does Shylo know that?"

Dash: "Mmmm.... Mum, shall I tell you about my children? Some of them will play soccer; I will show them my tricks. Maybe some of the girls will like soccer too, or maybe they will like dancing better."

Me: "What will your children's names be?"

Dash: (Counting them on his fingers) "Um, I think, John... and Tom... and James for the boys. And the Girls names are Angelique, and Isabella... and Rose!"

Me: "Nice names! And how old will you be when you get married do you think?"

Dash: "....um, 29? Mum how old will Grandma be then? Cause I want to go and see her in Newcastle!"

That's a boy who knows what he wants!

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