30 November 2008

Trimming the Tree... and all that

Actually, we did it last week! I just haven't had a chance to do any blogging, so these photos have had to wait.

It was Dash's actual birthday and Mr G was at the hospital visiting his dad, who is very ill. On a whim I decided to put up the Tree, to cheer daddy up when he got home. Turns out to have worked well; Daddy was very cheered by the Christmasy feel.

Dash and Princess were very excited to get out their special Christmas boxes, and hang up their own collection of decorations.

Last year we started the tradition of getting them a new decoration each year. We had to "catch up" as we hadn't started when they were born; Dash ended up with five decorations and Princess had three.
This year's decorations have yet to be purchased... but in the meantime they had great fun deciding where they wanted their ornaments to hang on the tree.

Dash lost interest after 10 minutes and went back to watching the rugby(surprise suprise) , but Princess was my faithful assistant, handing me decorations and hanging things up by herself when my back was turned.
We have had to put the Tree up on a high table, as Scraggy looks like he may begin crawling very soon.

He is absolutely fascinated with the lights on the tree and reaches out to try and grab them; it's going to be lovely with him having his first Christmas. We will start his own ornament collection and get his stocking... all these things to look forward to in the next three weeks(!)

Eek! Where has the time gone? The Christmas Party is next week!

This weekend was spectacular weather-wise. The kids were swimming and today we got out the water-slide for some backyard fun. The Santa Parade was on in town, but the thought of standing in jostling crowds with two impatient kiddies and a crying baby... nope, no thanks.

We came home instead and got the sprinkler out and had a sort-of BBQ, relaxing and enjoying the lovely day and our lovely garden. Then later we strung up some of the outdoor lights in readiness for the party.
So this week it's all guns blazing for the Christmas Party. (In a quiet, enjoyable, relaxed fashion, of course!)

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