08 December 2008

Goodbye Grandad

Our beloved Grandad Robert (my hubby's father) passed away this week, after a very short but brave fight with Cancer.

He died on Thursday 4th December, 2 months after his 59th birthday.

We know he is in Heaven with Jesus, and we have been amazed at God's amazing comfort, love and grace through this whole time.

Thankfully the children got to say goodbye to their Grandad the day before he died. Rob passed away surrounded by family, knowing he was loved, and at peace with God.

The Funeral is tomorrow (Tuesday) 11.30am at Howick Funeral Home, 35 Wellington St, Howick.

We love you Rob and we will miss you so much. But your struggle is over and you are now whole and healed. We'll never forget you - we just wish we'd taken more photos and video footage... how could we have known that last time you came for tea was the last time ever?

We are sad, but hopeful, with peace in our hearts because we know that right now you are having a coffee with Jesus. Until we meet again... xxx

Goodbye Grandad, we love you... xxx

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Kristi said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Gail said...

We will be thinking of you guys this morning.

Sophie said...

Hey Simone & Rory, we're thinking of you. We're so sorry to hear that Rory's Dad has gone but glad to hear that it was peaceful and that he had his family round him. With love to you all from all of us.

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