07 January 2009

New Years Honours

Happy New Year!

I thought I'd get into the spirit of handing out accolades and nominate a few deserving citizens for some New Years Honour awards, you know, offer a few knighthoods etc...

Man of the Year
Rory Graham

Rory has been a great husband and father all year. He has enthusiastically volunteered to lead the silliness at all the kids' birthday parties; he has faithfully worked hard and provided amazingly well (with God's help) for us, his family; He has used his spare time to help others, running a Christian sports club at Josh's school; he gives generously to anyone he comes across who is in need. Rory has been through a great loss, but in spite of everything has trusted God and seen the good come out of the sad and bad. He always remembers birthdays and anniversaries, and always makes them special. To top it all off he proved his love and thoughtfulness by braving the madding crowds to make sure his wife had a good Christmas. What a guy!

"Mum of the Year"

Gail B

Gail inspires me so much with her creativity, her energy and most of all her generous caring HEART. She is such a wonderful mum; I thank God for her and I gain so much from just being her friend.

Big Give Award

Vicky R

Vicky is a legend. She quietly works away in the background, giving of herself, her time and her talents. She is a wonderful cook, and sends meals in bulk to people she hears of in need. She is not very computer literate so she may not read this - if you know her can you let her know how fantastic she is??

Good Samaritan Award

Sophie B

My friend Soph is another giver; this year she went above and beyond the call of duty to help us get a computer to Rebecca, stranded in Oz. She found us a great deal, lugged it for miles on buses with kids in tow, and then trekked miles to deliver it to Becs in person; and she had never even met her before. Soph, you are Wonderful!

The Purple Heart:
For Courage Under Fire

Rebecca P

Rebecca inspires me with her faith, her courage and her grit. She has had the crappiest 2008 of anyone I know, but whenever I see her she is still smiling and finding something to laugh about. She has determined to find God's way through her troubles and has kept her heart soft. Rebecca is my hero, and I take my hat off to her, and wait in hope that this year is going to be a whole lot sweeter for her and her precious children.

The Hope Shield

Sammy E B

Sammy inspires me with her HOPE. She has clung on to God's promises by her fingernails for the last six years - waiting, praying, hoping, beleiving for their prayers for a child to be answered. At last in November she and her lovely hubby received the first installment on their dreams - adopting a gorgeous baby boy. I am sending out my buggest hugs and love to my friend Sammy, and I am hoping with you for the rest of your dream; in the meantime I am so GLAD that her son and Scrag will be the best of friends!

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Sophie said...

Awww you make me cry.

Gail said...

That's so nice of you simone! And you've hit the nail on the head with vicky and Soph!(and the others!)

Sammy said...

Thanks Simoney xxx I could not have stood without precious friends like you who believed and prayed and fought for us. Love you xx

Rebecca said...

Thanks...you made me cry too!!!!!!!!!
I was so excited for Sammy when i heard they were getting a baby!
And Sophie what a legend...thanks so much, LOVE my computer!
Yeah i hear of little things Vicki does for others...very very inspiring
And as for Gail...she's flippn awesome...as are you and Rory too of course!
Aww warm fuzzies all round!

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