28 January 2009

Box Battle: The Coolest Party For Boys...


Dash's friend Oscar turned seven recently, and the party was just SO FANTASTIC I hung around taking photos so I could share it all here with you...

Oscar's Mum and Dad (Linda and James, our round-the-corner neighbours) are a bit party mad like us. So when the invitation came for Prince Oscar's Birthday Battle, we knew we were in for a good one.

The idea was very simple - the guests were instructed to make some armour out of cardboard and come dressed ready to do battle.

Linda and James had prepared flags (banners) for each army, and bendy swords to match (which were the take-home gift).


Armies were chosen randomly by pulling coloured swords out of a bucket (somehow all the bigger boys ended up on the same side, so halfway through sides were evened up).

The armies marched to battle to the park at the end of the street where they constructed forts out of packing boxes around their Flag. The idea was to destroy the other army's fort and steal their flag while protecting your own. The first army to have two flags planted was declared the winner.

There were a few rematches, some tears, a few minor injuries... but it was highly entertaining. The dads were itching to get involved (and of course Mr G just couldn't help himself; I think he wants a Box Battle for his next birthday!)


There was also a fantastic Castle cake, jewelled goblets and a real-live sword demonstration by Oscar's grandad (Sir Ratty). The boys all loved it. It was crazy, it was mad, it was a boy's dream come true...

Hats off to Linda and James! An absolutely fantastic Party!

(Visit the website http://www.boxwars.net/ for how to make box armour and have your own box battle)

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Sophie said...

Wowee, quel imagination! That's one awesome party theme!!

S and family said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I am one of the *few* moms I know who throws birthday parties for my kids at my own home. I had a party two years ago very similar to this battle party. I take comfort in knowing there are other 'party mad' parents out there. Thanks!!

Coretta said...

What an AWESOME idea! I love that they brought their own homemade weapons! I'm sharing this!

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