09 February 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Here's everything you never wanted to know about me... well, at least 25 random things that go some way to explaining why I am the way I am...?

  1. I was born in the suburb where I now live: Mt Albert, Auckland.

  2. I am the eldest of four children, three girls and one boy

  3. I went to 10 different schools when I was a kid - 6 primary schools, one intermediate and 3 high schools; the shortest time spent at any school was 2 months.

  4. When I was a kid I HATED silverbeet and brussels sprouts; I still can't eat them

  5. At primary school I loved gymnastics but mum and dad got me and my sister into Running Club. I hated it, especially the little shorts you had to wear (they looked like green undies); ever since then I have hated sport and struggled with exercise :(

  6. My favourite TV show as a 4-year-old was The Brady Bunch; I was in love with Bobby Brady; I named my first three cats "Bobby", after him

  7. My first pet was a dog called "Lassie"; she used to eat the clothes off the clothesline so she had to go. She went to live on a farm (or that's what they told me...)

  8. I never had much luck with pets; my favourite cat "Sooty" was hit by a car; my pet guinea pig turned up dead on my next-door-neighbour's front step; my first three cats (Bobby #1, 2 & 3) all ran away...

  9. The only time I ran away from home I was 4 years old; I went down the alley that was near our house and it started to rain so I hid in a box; after what seemed like hours I decided to go home; to my annoyance nobody had even realised I'd gone!

  10. I broke my wrist when I was 3. I was playing "parking" with our ride-on toys on our verandah and rode off the edge: SNAP! We lived in the country and had no phone. Mum had to wait all day til Dad came home from work so they could take me to the hospital.

  11. I went to live in Vancouver, Canada with my Aunty & Uncle when I was 16. I travelled the whole way by myself, my first time on a plane! I was meant to stay for a whole year, but they sent me home after only three months!!! Oh dear... (Well, I did refuse to eat my brussels sprouts). I've had the travel bug ever since.

  12. Before I got married the longest I had ever lived in one house was one and a half years.

  13. I was engaged at 19 (twice) to a guy six years older than me.

  14. Both my younger sisters married at 19, before me. I was the eldest sister and the last one married (at age 30).

  15. My mum and dad prayed for me all through the 90's, that God would bring me a great bloke; they prayed: "God even if you have to bring him from the other side of the world..." (and He did)

  16. I was Mr G's Bible College lecturer; when we first met we didn't get on at all. He was my worst student and he used to walk out of my class (boo, he was lucky to pass!)

  17. In 1997, while doing youth work for my church, I became an Ordained Minister; I never actually officiated at a wedding, but I could have! (I didn't renew my credentials so after three years they lapsed)

  18. When we got married we had nothing. Our wedding was BYO Food. It cost only $2000 (including the dress) and was largely put on for us by our wonderful church family - but what a fabulous day it was!

  19. Three weeks after our wedding we went on a mission trip to LA Dream Centre to work with homeless people; I had my first ever panic attack just before we left for the airport; thankfully we got upgraded to Business Class! Woohoo!

  20. The first time Mr G mentioned marriage was in a ski lift coming down from a magical day on Turoa; we'd only been dating 2 months and he said, "I can just imagine us married with kids; I'll have the two boys skiing and you and the little girl will be off having coffee..." !! Since that moment we always pictured ourselves with 2 boys and a girl. Snap!

  21. My first name is actually Donna. My mum thought my name "flowed" better Donna Simone rather than Simone Donna but she always meant for me to be called Simone. It has been confusing people ever since.
    Once I left my passport by accident at the check-in counter; they were calling out for "Donna Grace" over the tannoid and I didn't even realise it was me! (check out Donna Grace in her first passport photo)

  22. I once had to go to Court for unpaid parking fines; I was terrified and threw myself on the mercy of the judge rather than trying to justify myself. The judge took pity on me and ordered me to just pay the original fine; he waived the court costs. I was so relieved!

  23. I didn't get my drivers licence until I was 27!! I just kept putting it off; now I can't imagine how I would have ever survived without it.

  24. I am a bit of a TV addict; Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Spooks, Seinfeld, American Idol, Gilmore Girls, and Friends are among my favourites. Sad huh??

  25. I am also an approval junkie; I crave words of affirmation and comments!! (oh boy, that's just tragic now)

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Gail said...

Love the passport photo :). Great 25!
P.S. This is not me signing up for another pay-it-forward :) just leaving a comment .... besides, you are a continual blessing to me anyway !

Unknown said...

Hi Simone, that's really interesting.

We are coming over in May for ten days. Would love to catch up.

See you soon,


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