11 March 2009

We Like to Party

Wow I can't believe it! my upload worked! I edited this little clip of some of our parties and general hilarity. This song by Crazy Frog is a new family favourite. As soon as it goes on, kids emerge from all over the house (the baby included) and the dancing begins.
Scrag sits up on his knees and jiggles up and down to the music - it's hilarious.
The other night we had a double play-date, with dinner included. I was finishing off cooking tea and decided to put on some fun music. When this song came on, Dash's quiet little school pal, who was visiting for the first time, came boogying into the kitchen and then got down on his hands and knees with Scrag and Dash and danced some more.
Some music just gets you moving. This is one of those songs - hope you enjoy the clip!

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