17 March 2009

Random Things I've Learnt Lately

Ahh, the journey of parenting brings so many learning opportunities! Here's a few of the random life lessons and learning curves that have come my way lately...

  • No matter how well you clean up Lego, there is a law of nature that says there will be at least one piece that will end up in your baby's mouth 

  • There is a scientific equation for opening toilet doors: b x e + d = o (baby multiplied by effort plus determination equals Open)

  • A single packet of pasta will not stretch to feed 8 people. It will feed 7 people (if four of them are children) You won't discover this until you have dished out all the food and you will have to quickly boil another packet to make sure someone doesn't starve.
  • No matter how many playdates your extrovert daughter has, as soon as the last friend has returned home she will be crying that she is bored

  • Just when you think you have your son ready to walk out the door in time to catch the walking school bus, he will have a meltdown about wearing his uniform and will miss said walking bus; so you will have to quickly get dressed and drive him to school - hoping that the petrol will last long enough to get you there and back (because of course the petrol light has been on since yesterday and you were still in your pyjamas because you thought your son was walking!)

Ahhh, yes. The Joys!!

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Screamin' Mama said...

LOL, don't I know it!! How about this one...after hours of organizing the kids' toy bins, toys will be strewn everywhere again within 10 minutes...

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