02 March 2009

Wet Day Fun

Saturday was wet, wet, wet. The last official day of summer; a good day to stay indoors and do inside stuff. Now that the days will be getting shorter and the weather cooler and wetter, we will be having more of these inside Saturdays... so, what to do???

On Saturday just gone, we did one of our favourite things: 

A Family Brunch

By popular request I made Pancakes, with all our favourite toppings; Princess set the table and we all sat down and ate together.
It seems our Scraggy loves Pancakes! (Hey, what's not to love?)

We put our heads together and came up with some wet day ideas. Here's a few of our favourites...

Make a Movie: This Saturday we made a home movie of Little Red Riding Hood. It was hilarious! Dash was the Granny (and the woodcutter), Princess was Red (of course) and Daddy starred as the Big Bad Wolf. The dressup box came in handy, turning up a red cape, a dog mask (near enough to a wolf), a wig and earrings for granny, and a shawl. We videoed it, catching the screams and tears when poor Princess (and Scrag) got a fright when the wolf jumped out of bed. We patted them down and then filmed the woodcutter dealing to the Wolf. Tears turned to laughter as we watched it back. Another Great Family Epic (along with our versions of Noah's Ark and David and Goliath).

Have a Party for No Reason 

We raid the cupboards and find or make food to hold an impromptu party; Homemade Lemonade, mini meat pies, muffins, iced cookies, popcorn, fruit, and icecream sodas have all featured at our parties. We do face painting (dressup box again) and do silly dancing or play Singstar or Jungle Buzz.

Camping Inside 
We put up the dome tent in Dash's room and play games like Trouble, Snap and Dino Dominoes. We spread out a rug in front of the tent (can't have crumbs inside the tent of course!) and have a picnic

    Make a Hut and Watch a Movie 
    Mr G constructed a playhouse for the kids in the lounge so they could watch a movie from inside it. It kept them happy for ages; of course Daddy wanted to hop inside too.

Have a Theme Dinner 
Raid the cupboards and find stuff to have a dinner party on a Theme. Our favourites have included an Indian Party and a Spanish Party; a Fancy Dinner and Middle Eastern one. Another favourite was Silly Animals, where we had to all dressup like animals (again, that dressup box comes in handy) and eat food that animals like (meat for lions and tigers, bananas for monkeys etc)

Those are some of our wet Saturday ideas. What do you do for fun on a Wet Day?

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Penny said...

Wow what great ideas! So creative. Will definitely use these when Benjamin's a bit older.

Screamin' Mama said...

Great rainy day ideas. I'm always at a loss. I've tagged you on my blog just so I might get to know a bit more about you.

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