23 September 2009

I'm Ba-a-ack!!

Oh man, I've missed you guys!! We have been busy travelling the length of this lovely country, having a wonderful time, great weather and catching up with dear friends. The only thing that would have made it better was if I could have had a computer with me so I could have written it all up as we went.

I've been going into blog-withdrawal, and one night I even seriously contemplated writing stuff down on a piece of paper so I wouldn't forget all the things I wanted to write about. But I stopped myself. I didn't know where there were any pens. Am I sad??

As it is, I have a full camera, stacks of great memories and a whole week of adventures to catch you up on. So I'd better get started.

I'll share the adventure with you bit by bit in the order it all happened when I can sneak in some blogging time over the next few days. I'm planning for it to go something like this...

... Good Friends, Good Food, Great Time:
Our stay in an idyllic cottage with wonderful friends, AJ and Vic,
who gave us a fab taste of English village life...

... Beaches, Cider and Cream Teas:
Our holiday in beautiful Cornwall; still not a spot of rain!

... Roots: Search for my Grandfather's Birthplace in Redruth, Cornwall.

... Dash Does London:
We trek by train with my dear friend Maya and her family
to the metropolis of London... and Dash realises his dream
of seeing The Sights he learnt about in school.

... My Sweet Northern Lad: Who is the real Mr G??
I just have to introduce you to my guy in his Newcastle Heyday
(now I've got my hands on some of those old photos!)

Funny, what travelling reveals though isn't it? Like my truly blonde roots??? (I was blonde as a child; my hair may have darkened but the blonde still shows up sometimes!)

We came across a great many stretches of roadworks while travelling on the motorway system.

I was confused by one sign in particular, "Any Veh".

So I asked Mr G what "Any Veh" means... was it something in Gaelic?? Or Welsh??
After he stopped laughing and snorting he managed to choke out that it was short for "Any Vehicle." Well Duh!! How am I supposed to know that??? It could have been a culturally sensitive sign couldn't it??

See what I mean? Deep down... Blonde!

Click for the next part of the Journey:
Good Friends, Good Food, Great Time

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Sophie said...

Yay! Welcome back! Looks like a fab time away!

Gail said...

Hello friend! glad you're having a blast. LOL re: sign!

Sammy said...

I have MISSED you! So glad you are having a great time. Can't wait to hear more xxx

meg said...

we're missing you too, M still tells us whether you're having breakfast or dinner when we are.

Trees said...

I prefer Any Veh! And Cornwall with no rain??! You are truly blessed.
Glad you are having such fun!

PaisleyJade said...

Nice to hear from you - can't wait to read all your posts about your trip!! I am a fellow blonde and you have my sympathies!

Rebecca said...

Looks soooo amazing...is that Mr G as a boy in the photo...looks so much like Dash!!

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