11 September 2009

Meet the Family...

One of the most wonderful aspects of our trip is the warm and loving welcome we are receiving from Mr G's family. Forget Great-Aunts and Second Cousins and Great-Granddads... everyone's like brothers and sisters and grandmas and aunties, eager to kiss and cuddle and play games with our lot.

Here we are with Great Grandad John, aged 84. He couldn't stop smiling and laughing. The last time we saw him, Dash was an 8-month-old baby. I'm sure we all wondered whether we'd get to see each other again. And yet here we are 6 years later. Dash, all grown up. Plus a Princess and a Scrag as well.
"Eeeeh, wor Rory," Great-Grandad said, "You've got a smashin' family. Your Grandma would've been proud. Smashin'!"

Dash really took to him, I think because he knew they'd met before so he wasn't shy. Even did him one of his silly dances, completely unselfconscious; had him in stitches.

And here's Scrag with Grandma at the Seaside. You've met Grandma before; she's a regular visitor to New Zealand. But it's taking a while for it to sink in (for her and us) that we're really here at her place. Yay!

And here's Mr G with Uncle Allan and Scrag. Uncle Allan is great. He just loves the kids. Dash had him playing football and cricket all afternoon, which he did happily and with good humour, (when he wasn't busy videoing us all - I guess so they can watch us on video when we've gone back home)

And here's Aunty Irene, Grandma's sister, cuddling our Princess. Dash thinks she and Grandma are twins. The kids (including Scrag) have taken to her like nobody's business - I guess kids can tell when they are really loved.

The look on Aunty Irene's face is because Scrag weighs a Tonne. But still Aunty was happy to carry him. True Love. :)

And here's the cousins: Erin and Catherine, with our Scrag. Gorgeous aren't they?? Erin is going to turn Aunty Irene into a Granny in about 9 weeks. Very exciting - more cousins! And Catherine, well, apparently it took her weeks to get over us leaving the last time - she got so attached to baby Dash.

I am just amazed at all the warm fuzzies going around over here! Who knew we were so popular? Of course there are still quite a few more family members to catch up with and meet over the next few weeks. No worries, bring it on! xxx
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Gail said...

Oh I'm so happy for you - particularly Rory. This must be an amazing feeling for him! I can't believe that it's not Winnie twin!! And Great-Grandad! He must be lapping it all up. How lovely for you guys.

Have a wonderful week in Cornwall!
Sending you a cyber coffee my friend!

PaisleyJade said...

So lovely that everyone is so excited about you guys coming and so welcoming - must make the trip extra special and worth it!

Linda said...

Very precious photos hon! btw Mariella has found 2 of Abby's cardies at kindy so we brought them home....thought that you would love to know that.ha ha!

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