06 October 2009

Out in the Toon

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is a great place. The people (Geordies) are warm, friendly and hospitable. The accent (once you tune into it) is charming. The architecture is lovely, the history is fascinating, the setting, picturesque.

OK, it's maybe not the warmest spot in the world, but really we can't complain about the weather (only two rainy days, and that was in Scotland).

The kids have enjoyed shopping and exploring the fabulous musuems with Grandma...

We've enjoyed some good nights out...

*Gasp* Who is that attractive blonde woman Mr G is smooching??? Oh, that's OK, it's his Mam.

Winnie took us for a great night out to see her favourite band, The Happy Cats. Eeeeh! It was greeeet!
Winnie is something of a legendary Happy Cats groupie. She tracks these guys all over, and now we have seen them for ourselves, we can see why.

The music is very catchy, causing unplanned-for bouts of toe tapping, joviality, swaying and even dancing. By the end of the night the whole crowd is singing along and the atmosphere is no longer one of strangers at a pub, but of friends enjoying a great night out together.

Happy Cats groupies are on a first name basis with the band members. Winnie even got a song dedicated to Mr G and me... "My Sweet Northern Boy". It wasn't at all embarrassing, no honest!

Nothing like a night out in Newcastle for a good time. We finished it off with Spanish Tapas and a taxi ride. Aunty Irene was watching the bairns and apparently all went fine, except for the fact that cousin Cath used to think she'd have three kids, but after helping her mam babysit our lot, she's changed her mind. Bless.

Here's me and cousin Erin (and Barry). Cheeeeese, Grandma! Erin is going to have a baby soon... yay, more cousins! xx

Ahhh, me and Mr G. Nice.

Dash got a dream fulfilled when he got to have a tour of the Newcastle United football stadium.

Here he is with Grandma. When Dash was a baby, Grandma got his name engraved here on this stone, at the stadium. Finally he gets to see it for the first time. He has a framed certificate on the wall of his room.

Mr G got some great video footage. Dash's eyes were huge as he stood in the players' dressing rooms, sat in the team seats and "signed" for Newcastle United.

"For real???!!" he asked the Tour Guide who handed him the pen. Bless!

The dream was topped off by Dash getting to see his first ever live game, last Wednesday, against Queens Park Rangers. Mr G said Dash thoroughly enjoyed himself, singing away with the crowd as they chanted. When Newcastle scored Mr G threw him in the air and they celebrated like mad. The game finished in a draw but The Toon are still 3 points clear at the top of the table. Wahoo! (I know, what's it coming to when I know all the players' names and the 2nd Division Football Table placings??)

Not one to miss out, our Princess came with me to the Toon for a Pamper Day. We went to Fenwicks where a lovely floor manager got her set up with a free makeover and sent her home with a bag of perfume samples.

The girl at the makeup counter was a crack up - she was telling Princess the ingredients of all the products she was using (like, a five year old would care??)
She seemed disappointed when we didn't take any products, so I went back thinking maybe we'll get a lipgloss with some of Princess' spending money... but a lipgloss was £16.50 ($NZ45)!

Sorry pet, not for a wee girl's lipgloss! (We found one for £2 on another counter and Princess was just as stoked.)

We finished it off with getting her nails done... for £5. Bargain.
It was a lovely mummy-daughter time.

Newcastle has been great. We can't believe we are leaving tomorrow *sniff*

Man we are going to miss everyone so much!

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Trees said...

:( Goodbyes are so hard.

Widge said...

So cute Princess got a real makeover!! Hope your flights home go well xo

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