20 October 2009

Two Hundred

This is my 200th Post. Thought I'd mark the milestone with a look back at my favourites. If you haven't been reading me long, here's a selection of some earlier posts you may not have read, so we can get better aquainted...

Duh!: I am really really not a morning person...

My Journey: In case you don't know it

Housework Woes: Because we all have them...
Wardrobe Wars: A different kind of Fairy Tale...

25 Random Things About Me: Just in case you were curious

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Phone: Every word is True, I swear!

Butterfly Wings: I love this one

Somehow I never seem to run out of things to say on my blog. Which is odd, because my hubby complains endlessly that I don't talk to him enough. He tells people: "If I want to know what's been going on at home i have to read the blog..." And he's only half-joking. Sad but true.

My Blog never interrupts my train of thought, or asks me for "just the headlines" (BLOKES!)? I can ramble on and don't have to worry about someone else butting in.

Ah, blogging is bliss for me. I can't believe it took me so long to discover blogging! Well, you can't get rid of me now; me and my Blog are here to stay. Here's to the next 200 Blog Posts!

What's your favourite?? (doesn't have to be from my list)

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Gail said...

congrats my friend!
I love your blog ... one of my favs was your letter to the teacher. :)
Keep it up!

PaisleyJade said...

I love your blog too! Congratulations - looking forward to reading all the posts to come!! Thanks for your honesty and fab ideas that you share.

p.s I got a fright when I saw my face on your sidebar for blog of the week! Thanks.

Sophie said...

Wowee, 200! Awesome work Simoney! Always a great read.

Trees said...

Well done on the milestone, I love it too!

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