29 December 2009

On Christmas We...

...picked up Nan and Grandad from the airport on Christmas Eve. Oh the excitement!

...we had a visit from Santa Claus. Our kids think they must be extra good because Santa visits them in person every Christmas Eve with special new PJ's for them to wear.

This year my dad did the honours and the kids were amazed to see Daddy in the same room as the Big Guy. Usually daddy is working or on the toilet for a really long time while Santa visits. Poor Scraggy though... he screamed in fright and his little body trembled at my dad's white wooly beard and booming hohoho. Still not a fan of the Guy in the Red Suit.
...we hung our stockings...

...read the Christmas story...

...and enjoyed watching the kids dance around while we sang some (off-key) Christmas Carols...

...we sang happy birthday to Nan and she blew out her candles. My sister and her family brought over a cake. The kids went to bed after leaving out cookies and milk. The conversation turned to politics. So not festive. So not what I had wanted for Christmas Eve. I spat the dummy and hid in the kitchen til I had calmed down and they promised not to talk politics any more on Christmas Eve. I hate politics (even more so on Christmas).

The conversation recovered and Christmas Eve was Saved.

...we woke up early the next morning (of course) and opened the pile under the tree. The kids were excited that the milk had been drunk and the cookies eaten.

Scrag loved his Carpark. Dash got his Dino poster and Miss Fab took delivery of the Cash Register. Among way too many other things. (By the way, in our house, Santa gets credit for the new PJ's and the Christmas Stockings. We get the glory, thanks and kisses for the rest. Which is as it should be after all our hard work.)

...we left a mess of Christmas Wrapping Paper all over the lounge and took Mr G out to the garage for The Big Reveal of his Christmas Surprise... his very own Man Cave.

...complete with artworks by each of the kids...

...a dart board, football table (fooseball) and plenty of tinsel.

...photos of him and his dad; re-organised tools and camping gear. Needless to say he loves it.

The rest of the day was spent doing the usual: eating, drinking, talking, and relaxing with our family... with the odd competitive game of garden football, fooseball and darts thrown in. There was also some hammock time for some of us.

Poor Miss Fab came down with a tummy bug and spent Christmas afternoon puking and sleeping. Poor her.

Apart from that it was a lovely relaxed family day, made so special by having my parents there to celebrate with us for the first time ever. Memorable Christmas.

Oh. And Mr G got me THIS:

An easel & blank canvases. For my sunroom. All ready and waiting for me to create some works of Art. I am spoilt.

How was your Christmas??

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PaisleyJade said...

Looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas - and what a cool present for your husband!!!

Sophie said...

sounds like a lovely lovely time... apart from the politics! ;) Love to you all,

Sophie said...

sounds like a lovely lovely time... apart from the politics! ;) Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Love the gift you received! Hope you find some time to get creative!

Anonymous said...

looks like it was a perfect day Simone!!!
Great gift for the hubby and
great gift for you from the hubby!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!

Widge said...

yeah both those gifts you gave each other look fab! and I'm totally with you on politics...yawn..

Lyns said...

What great thoughtful gifts!

Trees said...

Sounds like a beautiful day, hope Princess is feeling better x

Gail said...

hahaha. I can just see you bustling away in your kitchen avoiding politics.

What a great, blessed Christmas you've had!

Trees said...

On the radio just now they went over to Auckland and counted in the New Year with you guys, felt connected to you all!
Happy New Year, hope you're having fun! xxx

Unknown said...

Hi! Happy New Year! I have awards to start your blogging year off!

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