28 January 2010

A Post About Nothing

Here I am in my nice empty peaceful house...

Scrag is asleep, Princess is at the Zoo, Dash is away for a sleepover... fabulous! Some blogging time for me!

Um, I can't think of anything to write.

I am clean out of inspiration; I have no witty anecdotes, no towering aspirations or honest reflections to share.
It's just a hot sticky muggy cloudy thundery day. In my quiet peaceful blissful empty house.
And I have Zip.
No quotable quotes. No humourous one-liners. No arty pics.

Ahhhh, just give it a rest, Simoney, I hear you say.
Go and put your feet up, have long cool drink in the shade and read your book.
My book is finished.
My freezer contains no ice.
And I am addicted to blogging.
When I get a chance to blog, I must blog.
If I have nothing to say, I will ramble incessantly about nowt.
These moments are far too rare to let them just slip by, unblogged.

Surely there must be some mildly amusing event I could dredge up? Some slightly inspiring thought I could share?

I am coming up empty.
So I'll leave it there.
And go find some shade.
And something cool.
And maybe a book worth re-reading.

I'll keep hoping for inspiration to strike... but you can bet when it does I'll be far too busy to blog about it.

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PaisleyJade said...

Yep - sometimes you just have to grab those moments and relax... away from the computer!

p.s. love your tidy corner!

Morgan said...

Is that room really in your house? Wow, it's beautiful. I really like the windows. Someday I'd love to have a sunroom. What a relaxing place to write, sew, or read a book!

Widge said...

mmmmmmm i could totally sit in that corner. for a really long time....

Sophie said...

know that no-thought-blog feeling! And the loads-to-blog-no-time one!

Isn't the silent house moment a wonderful one! Enjoy!! Soak it up!!

Weza said...

Ha I so know that feeling... nothing to say when time is on your hands,and heaps when there is no time.
Hope you enjoyed your peace.

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