23 August 2010

KidsClick: Delicious!

KidsClick SILLY results CLICK HERE

Think YUMMY, scrummy, sticky, sweet, juicy, messy... DELICIOUS!

That's our next KidsClick Theme.

So before you tuck into something really really yummy... STOP!!!
And take a picture.
THEN eat up!

The Judges will be looking for:
  • Bright colours
  • Clear pictures
  • Interesting angles
  • a stand-out idea
  • Deliciousness!
Cook or bake something and then photograph it! Take a photo of someone eating something delicious! Visit a shop where they sell you favourite food and take some photos...

Who can enter:
All Kids aged up to 14 years... if you are old enough to hold the camera and click, then you can join in KidsClick.

How to enter:
Link up below (if you or your mum have a blog) OR email me your photos and I will link up for you. greatfun4kids@live.com

You have until Tuesday 7th September, 7.00pm NZ Time

Have you checked out KidsClick lately?? NEW KidsClick Features: Winners Gallery and Kids In Action. Check it out and get clicking!

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Tammy said...

Love the pic and I love that she hadn't put the other bone down either...has to have both in her hands! lol!

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

This is a fun contest. My daughter is such a shutterbug. I'll keep this in mind if we can get her camera working before then.

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