06 August 2010

Loving, NOT Loving Lately...

Here's a bunch of things I am loving (or not loving) in my world lately...

LOVING Superman
He is too cute. The way he kisses his "guns" (biceps) as daddy taught him: "Show us your guns!" and gives us that flying stance... fists punching the air: "Soop-the-man!" Ahhh too cute. I feel a superhero party coming on... no STOP! That birthday is all the way in April!!!

Only three weeks left of Winter and I feel like it never arrived in the first place. Looking forward to Spring, my favourite season. Enjoying the smell of jasmine filling my kitchen (pilfered from hedges on my way home from the walking bus); loving dew-drop spiderwebs, tiny works of lacy art woven by busy creatures during the night, shining and grabbing my attention as I walk home with my eyes wide open. Darn. I forgot my camera! But where-o-where has this year gone??? NOT loving that life is speeding by too fast.

LOVING My Dining Room
After the Fancy Party, some things stayed, and some things went. My china cabinet, recently repaired, came in from the hallway and made herself at home. The bench seat from the picnic table took up residence along the slopey wall, giving us extra seating, now that Superman refuses to eat in his highchair.

I'm loving the new feeling of space, and not missing my tartan-squabbed daybed, which has been relegated to the hallway. Loving seeing my pretty things on display. Loving the convenient benchseat.

Not loving that Mr G has threatened to remove the cabinet back to her original position guarding the power points and phone plugs from Superman's busy fingers if I can't find an alternative. Safety over beauty, he says. Darn it. Think Simoney, think! What can go in its place??? I must find something... TradeMe... here I come!

LOVING  NOT Loving Stranded Bags of Baby Crap on my Garage Roof
OK, this one is kinda funny. But also kinda annoying/embarrassing. What happens when you have a fetid pooey nappy that will stink up the house unless it is deposited in the outside rubbish bin quick-smart?? You wrap it in a nappy bag and deposit it in the outside rubbish bin quick smart, right??

Er, but what if it's raining? Or the ground is wet? Or you can't be bothered walking over there?? OK, in that case, you fling it in the general direction of the outside rubbish bin, and when you are outside sometime in the future you stick it where it belongs. Sounds like a plan.

But what if you try to be tricky?? What if you decided to have some fun with it too... and try to shoot a hoop with the nappy bag, fired from the back porch?? And what if you miss?? And the nappy bag lands on the garage roof?
Well then, you have a nappy bag on the garage roof. Until someone can be bothered getting a ladder and climbing up to retrieve it. And a week later the darn thing is still there. That's what happens.

(I should point out that the person who landed the bag on the roof usually makes the shot. And he also is very good at changing nappies. Thanks Babe. You're awesome.)

NOT Loving Gluten Free Pasta
Pasta has always been a staple in our family. Spaghetti, macaroni, lasagne, penne. have it any way you want; with chicken & pesto, spag bol, mac'n'cheese. No More.
Gluten free pasta is just not the same.

I refuse to cook separate meals for my newly-GF girl; we all eat GF at dinner time. But the pasta. Oh the pasta!! Sure it won't do my butt any harm to flag away those carbs, but it's just such a quick and easy meal!!
And GF pasta is tricky. It takes an expert to make it taste right. You have to watch it like a hawk, constantly stirring. Cook it for slightly too long and it will turn into a sticky gluggy mess. Not quite long enough? Forget al-dente. Think al-crunchy-o.

So I am mourning the loss of my pasta (which I donated to my neighbour so as not to be tempted) and trying to find new ways with Rice. And potatoes. Sigh. I just can't live without my carbs.

BUT on the upside I DO LOVE GF bacon, ham and sausages... they are so much more delicious!!!

LOVING Dash Blogging
Ahh yes, I have got my son into blogging. He's not quite a regular and needs me to help him with uploading, but the ideas are all his. The plan behind it is to get him writing and thinking about stories, using words and practising spelling. Have I created a monster?? Will he take over my computer and become the next big thing in Kid Blogs?? Check out My Sporty Life, by Dash :)

NOT Loving Random Illness and Night Visitors
My girl is at home from school today for the second day in a row. I had plans: the gym, an outing with hubby... But in the middle of the night she woke up crying with a raging temperature. I had to sleep with her. For the second night in a row. She stayed home yesterday... no sign of a temp. She was fine. Shoulda gone to school, I said.

Then... another midnight fever. What to do??? She's home. Seems fine. But best be on the safe side. Sigh.

Just when I was starting to LOVE the gym too (loving my borrowed MP3 player, reading a mag and cycle-machining for half an hour). Next week. Next week!!

And then there's Superman who won't stay in his Big Boy Bed. We wake up to discover him wriggled in between us nearly every night. He jut sneaks in, we don't even notice his arrival. Darn it! How do we put a stop to that???!!! Oh and he has dropped his day-sleeps. not loving that. Waaaaahhh!! My afternoon computer time! Waaahhhhh!! (I am writing this while the sick girl and superman watch Roary the Racing Car. Am I bad or what??)

LOVING these Quotes:

I've spotted these great quotes on some friends' blogs lately... thought I'd share them with y'all.

"Cleaning your house while the kids are still growing, is like shovelling the walk before it stops snowing." ~Phyllis Diller

From Brigitte's Blog:

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."  ~Angela Schwindt

Truer words were never spoken!
What are you Loving/NOT Loving lately??

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Anonymous said...

oh the nappy story is a GOOD one Simoney!!!!
And LOVE the serenity of you dinning room...looking gorgeous!
Great quotes!

love and light

Widge said...

haha we had a nappy on our roof too once I think it screams funny . love your cabinet!!

Michelle said...

That is so funny about the nappy (diaper here in Canada)!

Weza said...

I LOVE the smell of Jasmine! I havent seen any around here yet, hopefully it will bloom soon.
Hey did you get the results back from the gf tests? Raging temps, sore tummy... I would head back to the doc.
Happy hunting for a hallway solution.

Sophie said...

Nappy on garage, too funny!
Love that gorgeous flower arrangement! Straight out of a House and Home Mag!

Simony said...

Well, first I want to say that I can't get over about how short and mild your winter is! I am still in chock!
And then, I want to say that your kids look adorable. I see mine growing too fast and hardly have those games and toys around here anymore. Trust me, they will be good people if you keep teaching them what you know.
Good luck!

Gail said...

I think the cabinet looks fab there!! You tell Mr G to sort it out himself :)
And the nappy on the roof????!!!! Very.... um.... hmmm. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the idea for a post. In fact, it might even tempt me to do my first ever meme, it is a meme isn't it?!
seems you haven't really experienced winter, and we've hardly seen summer over here in the UK.
Danmn it!


meg said...

hi Simone, it's five am and I'm awake!! Grrr. Must not drink coffee at 4pm. Anyway saw this and thought of you... http://sarah-sunshinedaydream.blogspot.com/2010/04/in-galaxy-far-far-awaya-stars-wars.html

Melinda said...

Love this post, Simoney! ;0) You always make me smile! Love your dining room, too, especially that window seat. Now, the nappy sack on the roof ... not feelin' that. Ick. ;0) Isn't having kiddos fun?

Thanks for your encouragement before She Speaks! It was great! ;0)

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Loving these posts of yours so much that I've written my own 'Loving, not loving lately' post.

Shayna said...

I love your photos! I'm also loving the beautiful weather today, playing tennis with a friend, and - my newest kick - getting $ back from online shopping ... I love online shopping but paying for shipping annoys me so I usually drag myself to the local strip mall... A friend turned me onto Ebates (http://tinyurl.com/22sw6u6) and they give you cash back from your purchase... and discount codes, for things like free shipping = love!

Hannah said...

The superman things is too cute! And the diaper on the garage is also too funny. That is so something that would happen to me LOL.

Natasha in Oz said...

I am loving all of the things you love too. I am also loving that picture of the nappy on the roof! Thanks for a laugh!

You know we are fans of the new blogger-yay Dash!

Best wishes always,
Have you tried any recipes from that blog I sent you? Would love to know!

Diana said...

LOL! Love the nappy on the roof (diaper here in Kansas, USA... duh, you knew that, huh). Um, I have flung things far and wide, too. Not gonna tell ya what. :p

Yeahhhh for Soop-the-man!

Totally love your house, so pretty!

I've always thought New Zealand would be a fun and interesting place to visit... now I can, through your blog. :) New follower.

Visiting from SITS! Have an awesome day! =)

Lou said...

What a great list of things. Your little boy would be so cute kissing his 'guns'. I also love spring - but maybe because it is my birthday then as well :) Thanks for joining in again this week with 'at my house...' Lou.

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