22 August 2010

Eyes Wide Open

Noticing lately that...

~ three weeks of a nasty head cold leaves you feeling rather depleted
~ taking the initiative brings untold rewards and warm fuzzies
~ picking up the phone, dialling your friend's number and turning up on her doorstep can revive a precious friendship and brighten your week
~ baking scones and opening your home is a wonderful way to make new friends

~ tension between mum and dad will be reflected in the kiddies
~ if mum and dad are scratchy at each other, don't expect the siblings to be sweetness and light
~ it is within mum's power to help dad relax. Think about it.
~ a relaxed happy dad puts the whole family in a good mood, especially mum

~ dust collects quicker than it used to
~ the world is spinning faster
~ time is going by faster
~ my kids are growing up faster
~ the year is disappearing before my eyes and it's nearly time to make my Christmas lists. Lordy!

~ curling up with a good book is far more relaxing than blobbing in front of TV
~ there is nothing worth watching on the Box now that the Greys season is over (apart from DIY programmes)
~ on TV they can do a makeover in 60 minutes, but in real life it takes much longer
~ I never get sick of watching DIY programmes

~ I miss my mum. I really really want her to be living around the corner
~ as you get older you appreciate your mum much more - having kids will do that to ya
~ there is not much on the market in West Auckland for $200,000. Not even 2-bedroom units
~ it will take a miracle of gigantic proportions to see my mum and dad living around the corner
~ I can take heart in the fact that we know Someone who is really good at gigantic miracles

~ when you are sick you aren't very good company
~ people don't like to sit close to you when you are snorting and sniffing and blowing your nose
~ you are better off at home in bed when you are sick
~ it's great when your hubby takes the kids to church and you can have a few hours peace when you feel like crap
~ when you feel like crap you don't write very good blog posts
~ your true bloggy friends don't mind because they are gracious, caring, loving individuals who will forgive you one or two sucky posts
~ it's great having bloggy friends like that!
~ I love this song: "Little Wonders"

That's me. What are you noticing lately?

{Joining in with Buttons by LouLou, "At My House..."}

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Tylaine said...

Great Post Simone.
I think my eyes need to be a little more open like that sometimes. :)

PaisleyJade said...

Not a sucky blog post - I'm on week 2 of a major head cold and feeling your pain!

Loving/laughing at some of your lines.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous song
great pics
awesome thoughts

always worth stopping by
how is your mom doing?

love and light

Anonymous said...

Like Cat said - always worth stopping by :) Loved your list.

Gail said...

What great pics!

Yep, we're watching an interesting range of TV programmes now that our regs. are off the air (come on USA, we are relying on you to film shows every week!)

Is there anywhere in Auckland where you can buy for that cheap these days!? Isn't it crazy!!?? It will happen though, something perfect will come up!x

Johnny said...

some VERY true points there...I always read your posts thinking how very much I think like you!!

meg said...

love the photos Simoney x

Natasha in Oz said...

Big Al loves that song Simoney! I cried when I first heard it when I saw the movie. Your pictures are fabulous too!

I haven't made a button yet-I am a bit reluctant to as it took me hours...no weeks, to make the button for my blog-I am very bad with HTML stuff. Some others have just used the image with Big Al playing the Double Bass and then link back to me. When I get some courage (and time!) I will be making a button for Sunday Song and for the 3 sisters blog and for my Christmas blog.... some day!!

Best wishes always,

Melissa aka Equidae said...

loved this post and oh my i have so many plans that need sorting and so many things that i see with my eyes but never really do in the end to help things better...thanks its a great reminder your post! passed by from SITS

Lou said...

Lots happening at your house as usual. What a lovely idea to have a tea party for bloggers you don't know. Looks like a great time.

Some deep but true thinking in there. A lot of things we know but need to remind ourselves of regularly. Lots of things that are going to keep me thinking for a while.

Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

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