24 February 2011

Walk for Christchurch

We here in New Zealand are walking around with our minds and hearts elsewhere. No matter what we are doing, Christchurch is not far fom our thoughts.

Whenever we go to complain about the chores, the kids... we clap a hand over our mouths and say to ourselves, but I have nothing to complain about, compared to what's happening in Christchurch.

The rescuers keep working through the night, still hoping to find survivors in the rubble. We pray for them from a distance, but our hearts are right there with them.

We keep hoping against hope even though it's been hours since they last found anyone alive.

And in the back of our minds is the task facing the city when the dust has settled.
The people who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their sense of safety. Not to mention their precious loved ones.

We sit here at a distance feeling frustrated and wishing there was something we could do, as well as praying.

Then my friend Gail came up with this idea, a Walk for Christchurch, just like our Walk for Haiti last year.
A 16km sponsored walk across the Auckland isthmus. I did it last year. Ouch.

And I have said I will do it this year too. How could I not? I'm terrified of course. I am so unfit. And last year I could barely walk for days afterwards. But I'm doing it.

I will get up off my butt and walk. And hope that you will join me - either by walking with us on the 2nd of April and/or by donating.

Would you also support us by sponsoring us?


And or by putting this button on your blog?

Walk for Christchurch 

It links directly to the fundraising page where people can donate via credit or debit card. All money raised goes directly to the Red Cross to help the people of Christchurch. We would love your support.

Cos it's not for us. It's for them.

Thankyou. ♥

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Anonymous said...

Love that you guys are doing this again!
Wish I could be there with you....in spirit I shall...and yes money will be making it's way to you!

love and light

Gail said...

Thanks babe, the button is great. So pleased you haven't been put off the walk from last time - painful muscles vs breaking hearts, well there is no contest!

Much lovex

Jen said...

you can do it and I would if I lived in Akl

praying the walking will really help you too
Ive started power walking this year and its made a HUGE difference
Im down to 1 anti depression tablet a day now yaye me:)

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