23 February 2011

Wordless: Prayers for Christchurch

Tears prickling as we watch the news. Our fellow Kiwis in Christchurch, devastated only six months ago by an earthquake and the thousands of aftershocks since... beginning to rebuild... and now... something so much worse.

Hearts breaking as we watch the rescuers. Volunteers and bystanders, some in business suits and ties, pulling aside the rubble with their bare hands, bravely risking their own safety to save the lives of workmates and strangers who are trapped in the pancaked buildings.


Prayers for those trapped. More than one hundred of them. We pray you are still alive! Jesus put your angels with them. Lead the rescuers to them.

Nothing will ever be the same in this city.

Praying for the rescuers. Keep them safe. Give them Strength. Lead them to those who are trapped.

Prayers for leaders of the city, the country. For Wisdom. For strength. For help to come from all over the world (and it is coming. More tears prickle. World, Thankyou for caring.)

Miracles. We pray for miracles.

Strength for the people, stuck in their homes. Without water. Without power. Worrying for their loved ones. Fearful of the next aftershock. Oh Jesus, bring them peace.

Our hearts are heavy today. Our thoughts wander south as we whisper our prayers.

To make a donation:

  • Phone 0900 33 200 to make an automatic $20 donation
  • FreeTXT 'QUAKE' to 555 to donate $5 or FreeTXT 'QUAKE' to 333 to donate $3 from any Vodafone mobile
  • Donate online at http://redcross.org.nz/
  • Donate in person at any branch of NZ Post, Kiwibank, ANZ, National Bank, ASB, TSB and BNZ across New Zealand.
  • Mail a cheque (made payable to New Zealand Red Cross) to: Canterbury Earthquake Appeal, Freepost 232690, PO Box 12-140, Thorndon, Wellington 6144.

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Kat said...

It is so heartbreaking and the pictures are shocking.
Let there be miracles indeed!

meg said...

devastated. thanks for the offer of help Simone, you're a lovely friend x

Lyns said...

Thanks Simoney - you have put into words my scrambled thoughts and prayers. I await news to trickle through about all those we love. I pray they are safe.
Lyns xx
ps. I see Grabone have donated $10,000 and have a $5, $10 or $20 donation set up on their website - all monies going to RedCross http://www.grabone.co.nz/christchurch/red-cross

count it all joy said...

Oh Simoney, we're all in shock over here in Australia...the radio and TV is full of nothing else. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in Christchurch. It must be so overwhelming. Bring on the miracles!

Laura said...


I have such a hard time with the images...I was in the Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles, and it was the most devastating and frightening experience of my entire life. My heart aches today.

love you

Anonymous said...

my heart aches for your country
prayers love and light
being sent your way!
beautiful post Simoney.....
you always touch my soul

love and light

Natasha in Oz said...

Amen to your heartfelt post Simoney.

Thinking of our Kiwi friends...

Blessings always,

Jen said...

thinking of them
crying for them

Anonymous said...

Amen. Such a moving post, we are praying in the UK xx

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