09 March 2011

Snuggle Night

Look at my babies.
Sleeping sweetly in the bed behind me as I type this in the nearly-dark.
I am full to the brim with warm fuzzies so I had to grab my camera and capture them like this.
Arms flung over their heads in abandonment to sleep.
Brows unlined with kid-worries.
Voices stilled. All that passes their lips is the whisper of dream-breath.

That's my spot there in the middle, see?

Of course I could have spent the evening on the couch watching the last of my recorded Sky programmes before it gets disconnected tomorrow.
Or tweaking my blog as my fingers were itching to do.
I could have brushed them off when they came sliding up to me suggesting a Snuggle Night.

But I didn't.
These moments of peace and togetherness are what we need right now.
More than anything.

We read Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
Actually finished the whole thing, at last.
My voice was reduced to a croak but my audience brought me water and begged for more stories.
Tell us about when you were little, they begged.
Tell us about your pets, they cried.

So I introduced them to the two Bobbies, kittens I named after Bobby Brady. These kitties abandoned me, one after the other when I made them my babies and pushed them around in my dolly pram. I guess they didn't like it.

My children giggled at the idea of cats in bonnets and blankets. They wanted more.

So they met Sooty and Smoky, the cats of my schoolkid days.
Smoky who gave birth to blind mewling kittens under my bed.
Sooty who I loved. Sooty who was tragically hit by a car.

And finally there was Snufty. Yes, that was her name.
The family cat of my teenage years who lived to the grand old age of 16.
Snufty whose memory was revived when my nephew named his cat after her... "Snufty Puff Puff."

Oh the giggling when I described how my sister groaned over this heinous resurrected name.
"Awww mummy it sounds like so much fun having a cat. Can we pleeeeease get one? Please?"
"Heehee, we could call it Snufty! Ha ha!"
"Yeah, Snufty the third!"

They finally fell asleep after we said our goodnights, each of us renamed as a cat.
"Goodnight Snufty!" they said to me.
"Goodnight Sooty!" Dash said to Miss Fab.
"Goodnight Bobby!" We replied to Dash.

Man it feels good to laugh.

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Sarah (Catching the Magic) said...

Adorable! This is a special post for your children to read when they are older. What a magic time you had this evening. Good for you x

Neetz said...

Aww man I love it when my kiddies are fast asleep and I can look on them and remember how little they were, how much they've grown...all the things we've done together!!

Your babies are beautiful....so angelic!!

Lyns said...

Love it, they are so sweet. Especially love Dash's pose...he looks mid-disco dance xx

jacksta said...

So tell me about snuggle nights? They crash in your bed after cool stories, do they stay with you for the night or do you put them back to their beds?

Simoney said...

Put them back to their beds of course!!! {that's daddy's job when he gets home from work}

Maxabella said...

ah, I finally found 'you'! I've learned all about the latest cartoon movies via Dash's blog (confession, I started reading the post thinking it was you and my only thought was 'Simoney needs to get out more!') and then I went via the Ab Fab Blab and now I'm here.

I wanted to thank you for your uplifting comment on my blog yesterday. It made me feel terrific. Thank you. x

Anonymous said...

I love those kinds of nights.....so precious

thinking of you

love and light

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