14 March 2011

Liking Myself?

If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price. ~Author Unknown

I'm taking up Gail's challenge today to find five things I like about myself.
This is a big stretch for me right now - as I know it is for many of us humble-lowdown mothers, who are quick to encourage others but not so quick to pat ourselves on the back.

Even as I sit here typing, my mind is a blank.
So easy for my thoughts to run to the negative.

I think to myself, hey I'm a loving person... but my mind whispers, "Yeah but what about that time...?"
I say, Well I'm kind... but my thoughts accuse, "But what about the time you ignnored that person/thing/need?"

So yeah. I'm drawing a blank.
But. This is a good exercise.
My lovely Canadian friend Cat is a wonderful example of a woman who loves herself - because of this she is totally free to love and encourage others. The way she wrote her five things challenged and inspired me.
I am under no illusion that being down on yourself is in any way healthy or commendable.
It's the opposite.

So right.
I'll start with an easy one.

1. I am Creative

I like this about myself. I have great ideas, I am arty, I paint nice pictures. My home reflects my creativity, its a comfortable, colourful place to be. Not museum-like at all, but full of meaningful things I love.

2. I'm a starter-upper

I am actually quite impulsive and often dive in boots and all. I am an initiator. You can tell this by the number of blogs in have on my dashboard. Sometimes this gets out of hand! But still, I have in the past been involved in creating things that are still going, and continue to help people long after I have departed the scene. I'm a starter-upper. I can be proud of that.

3. I Care

I do. I really do care about other people. I like to help. I like to be kind. I don't always meet up to my own expectation on this, but I think I can say that I have a pretty soft heart and if I can help in any way, I usually do. This one goes hand in hand with number 2 - I care so I do stuff about the needs I see. I care deeply about my kids - and so as a result I have pretty great relationships with them. Even my eldest son talks to me, really talks to me. They know I care.

4. I'm a Good Friend

I think I am. I hope I am? Because I care. I try to be a kind supportive encouraging friend. I'm sure that sometimes my enthusiasm carries me away and I talk too much about myself, but I think I have such a lovely bunch of friends because I am a decent friend to have. They say that the quality of a person's friends reflects upon their character. I have wonderful friends {yes that's you I'm talking about}... so I must have good character, right?

5. I have a Great Smile

I didn't always appreciate my smile. I was self conscious about my big wide mouth and my sticky-out "fang" tooth. So I used to smile close-mouthed, and never liked the pictures of me.

But now, now I smile as big and wide as I can. I think my smile makes me look prettier. It shows off my cheekbones. It makes me look young and happy. I like my smile and I've made peace with my fang.

Plus, Vampires are all the rage now aren't they?

There now. That wasn't so hard was it?

{If you want to join in, go visit Gail over here}

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Leonie said...

Great Simone!! what wonderful things to like about yourself, although you should LOVE them because they are awesome!!!
Im struggling to do a post too, love the idea, not so easy to do though.
And you ARE a great friend, and a very talented person... I loved how much your house reflected you!!

PaisleyJade said...

I love your list!! I think you have such a beautiful smile too!

jacksta said...

great list...all great attributes about you

Sophie said...

five wonderful wonderful things about you!! I agree!!

Anonymous said...


love love love the smile
love the list even more
good on ya for doing it Simoney
the heavens are singing your name!

love and light

Sammy said...

Great list and yes, you have the BEST smile!

Anonymous said...

Great list, great girl. Humming and ha-ing about my own. May get to it some time ;)

Sarah (Catching the Magic) said...

Great post and LOVE your smile!

My Mum's sister and her family all do the 'closed' smile thing and I've always thought it looks very 'Victorian' in photos ;)

Much prefer the all smiling, living the moment for real, twinkling eyes and all :)

And yes, I think you are super duper creative and it's wonderful to follow your blog - you're always coming up with something new and inspiring (and I like the new font style and photo style by the way!).

Sarah x

Just Like June said...

Kia Ora! Thanks for stopping by. I'm so honored to have a kiwi reader. My Mum is from Christchurch and I was born there. What a small world! I LOVED your post on beauty. People look at my like I have two head when I tell them I can't WAIT to go completely gray. I think my hair would look amazing and the wisdom and knowledge that come with getting older, I'll take it! :-)

Just Like June

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

I like
what you like
about you!

And you really do have a lovely smile. :-)

Anonymous said...

There I was sitting thinking "I just feel so rubbish about myself at the moment I'm no good at anything" and then i flicked onto fb and what did i find? Simone my guardian angel speaking to me....well giving herself a little telling off, but you know what i mean.


Meghan Maloney Photography said...

I think you have captured the essence of Simone very well, I'd agree with all those things - they're !

I would have added being very witty in there too though. Your blogs are alway so filled with humour and you're never afraid to poke a little fun...

Loving your list...it's hard to do hey but so worth it to acknowledge and embrace the talents that our Creator has given us!

Go you xxxxxx

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

that should read they're awesome things to like...sorry too early haven't drunk my coffee yet ;-)

Lyns said...

Agree with all 5!! Awesome Simone. Love your smile and your laugh! xx

alicia said...

Great list that I agree wholeheartedly with. I also think you are an awesome mother and have a fabulous smile. Such a difficult task to do for yourself though, eh?

Gail said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Great job on the list hon. I agree wholeheartedly - and don't we just need to sit back and reflect on ourselves sometimes? Worth doing I think.xx (P.S. You guys up for Sat? I got a sitter for us :)

The South African Kiwis said...

I love your smile - but feel the same way you did about mine, maybe I should get over it and smile wide too!

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