23 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dave

We have all fallen in love with a little striped cat.

She turned up on our doorstep on Friday and has stayed there ever since.
Not miaowing, not trying to sneak inside. Just looking at us all with her big green eyes. Patiently letting the kids pick her up, pat her, love her.

They named her Dave.
We only just found out she's a girl. But the name will stay.
And we hope that Dave will too.

I called the SPCA to find out what to do.
Surrender her as a stray, they said. They will keep her for seven days.
Check her out, de-worm, de-flea, neuter and microchip her.
Then if no owner contacts them within that seven days we can adopt her for a mere fifty bucks.
We can bring her home and let her into our house, without having to worry about flea bites.
She won't have to sleep outside any more.

She is already firmly in our hearts, this plain little tabby.

The kids said their goodbyes this morning, calling, "See you next week Dave!"
I can't tell you how surprised I am at the love I feel for this sweet little cat.
She mewed in the cat box on the way to drop her off this morning.
A tiny little sound, conveying her confusion and uncertainty, as she travelled in a car for what seems to be the first time.

We wonder where Dave's owners are (and why she left them).
We wonder why she chose us.
And in my heart I am grateful.
I feel like heaven has sent us this little bundle of striped fur to love.

I know this is meant to be a wordless post, but I had to say it:
We ♥ you Dave.

Dave I miss you already.
Dave I hope we get to bring you home.
Dave, see you next week.

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Leonie said...

dave looks like a sweet addition to your family.
We are cat lovers here and they make a special place in your home and your heart.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful cat!!! I hope she gets to stay with you all. Seems like she has already been adopted!

PaisleyJade said...

Im in love with Dave already! Cute that he is actually a she.

Lyns said...

Dave I look forward to meeting you soon. By the way, Dave is such a pretty name for a girl xx

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Awwwww....he/she is adorable. Totally hope Dave gets to come and make his home with the awesome Team G!

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