27 March 2011

A Wet Weekend in Pictures


Wet sticky and muggy. A grotty start to the weekend.

The kids arrive home with raincoats dripping...


I dish them up lukewarm hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles on top. That puts a smile on their dials.


On Saturday the rain still drips. Daddy puts up the tent... inside.
Three noisy kids spread out their blankets and fight for space to lie down.
Was this such a great idea?
Sounded good.
An indoor tent, a DVD and a sleepover.


We leave the mess behind and head to the movies after some investigating.
Did you know that a family pass to St Lukes cinemas costs $55 whereas at Westgate they only charge $40?
It's true. So we went to Westgate. And got in for $35 for all of us, with our Entertainment voucher. Scrag is under three so he's still free. Bonus!

Dash had a go at "The Claw". He loosened a stuffed toy Rexy. He had it and then the cheating claw dropped Rexy right back on top of the pile.
"Please Dad! One more go!" he begged, confident in his skills.
"Sorry son, that machine is rigged..." daddy shook his head sadly, confident in The Claw's Rigged-ness.
Only we all watched in horror as a lady fed in her $1 and snagged Dash's Rexy, just like that. Gutted.

We watched Rango. It's pretty funny. At least the bits I saw. Yep. That's right.
You take a 2-year-old to a movie with a scary outlaw rattlesnake and don't expect to sit through the movie.
I guess there's a reason under 3's are free.


Its Sunday and still rainy. A misty muggy drizzle of moisture. I drag Miss Fab to the Library and we pick out some books. Look at that fascination on Scrag's little face. Priceless.

The big kids gather and listen too...

...and then the fun begins... Someone shouts, "Let's play hide and go seek!"

Amazing how much fun you can have with this classic game. How many funny places you can find to hide. How your kids squeal with laughter after they've walked past your hiding place five times and at last they spot you...


Daddy initiates a spontaneous geography quiz with the inflatable globe... where is... China? England? Africa? America? Our well-travelled offspring have a pretty good grasp of what is where...


And of course a bit of obligatory Wrestling. A few tears, banged elbows and elbowed noses but mostly laughter.


That was our wet weekend. How was yours?

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PaisleyJade said...

I love what you all got up to - have my wet weekend post ready to do tomorrow! xoxo

meg said...

those reading photos are precious... practice walk this week (like maybe an hour or so?)?

Anonymous said...

Love the tent inside! :)

alicia said...

Your weekend sounds nice. I've had some down time with just one kiddo this weekend, my girl. It's been nice.

jacksta said...

woah what a difference in price. We only have the one cinema...gets pretty expensive for the whole family... needless to say trip to the movies are scarce these days!
Love the tent indoors idea...might have to try it

Leonie said...

wow you guys squeezed a lot into your weekend!!!
And those movie prices...sounds like you got a good deal. Last time we went to go in Aus it was $75! ouch!

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