04 April 2011

Yummiest Easiest Tiramisu Ever


I have made Tiramisu twice. The first time was so long ago all that lingered was a sweet memory and the printed out copy of The Frugal Gourmet's googled recipe, with my notations in the margins.

So when I was faced with the challenge of creating my hubby's favourite Italian layered dessert for his birthday (as opposed to ordering one from Eve's Pantry) I dug out my old recipe binder and dived right in.

Here is my version, modified for ingredients in New Zealand, which makes a slightly larger dessert. And oh is that a good thing. We dished up a few helpings each to our eight appreciative dinner guests and still had enough for a slice each the next day. Mmmmmmmm. Heaven on a plate.

The Tiramisu

1 cup Espresso or Triple strength coffee, room temperature
1/2 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Baileys
2 Egg Yolks
2 x 200g pottles of Mascarpone (e.g. Bouton d'Or)
2x 200g packets of sponge fingers (e.g. Unibic)

1/3 block Dark Chocolate, shaved or grated

  • Line the inside of a loaf pan with a large sheet of baking paper.
  • Stir 1/3 of the espresso, sugar and Baileys in a mixing bowl until the sugar dissolves. (Reserve 2/3 of the coffee for dipping sponge fingers).

  • Whisk egg yolks into this, and add the Mascarpone. Whisk until smooth.
  • One at a time, soak the sponge fingers in the reserved coffee (don't oversoak). Place crosswise in pan, trimming if necessary to layer bottom completely..

  • Spread on half the mascarpone mixture, then half of the shaved chocolate.
  • Repeat with sponge fingers, then remaining mascarpone, then the rest of the chocolate.
  • Cover with the remaining sponge fingers.
  • Bring up flaps of wax paper, wrap the pan in plastic wrap and refrigerate for six hours.

Before serving, invert the pan onto a serving platter, tapping the bottom to remove "loaf." Carefully remove the baking paper. It looks ugly. But wait, there's more...

The Topping

1 bottle whipping cream
1 dessertspoon of icing sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
Cocoa powder for dusting

Whip the cream, vanilla and icing sugar together until stiff. Spread the cream generously over the "loaf."

Dust with cocoa powder (and if you like, use the rest of the sponge fingers as a decorative edging; the help of small children is optional but not always recommended!)

Then bring it out to oohs and ahhhs from your dinner guests. Prod your birthday husband if necessary to elicit the desired response (he should be slavering and kissing your feet).
Bask in the glow of praise; soak up the groans and drink in the compliments: "Ohhhh man! This is the best Tiramisu ever!" "Ohhhh this is gooooood!" "Yeah this is good but the one I had in Venice was great!" {Yes, really}.

Be prepared to be blamed for somebody's lack of sleep right before a 16km fundraising Walk: "Simoney, how much espresso did you put in that Tiramisu! I couldn't get to sleep for hours!!!" {personally, I blame the nervous butterflies!}
Ahhhh yes. This recipe's a keeper. I'm sure I'll be dragging it out next year too - and I'll bet there will be no complaints.

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Writing Prompt #3: Share a favorite dessert recipe.

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Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Yummo! Tiramisu is one of my fav desserts ever! And youve made it look way too easy. This is going on my to-make list for sure. In fact it's probably lucky there's no baileys in the house right now or I'd be seriously tempted to head to the kitchen right now.

Apart from the fact I'm lying in bed reading this. Hasnt stopped me drooling all over the pillow though .. Ha ha!

meg said...

Glad that you didn't try and make it dairy free for me! It would have been terrible without the cream. Looks yummy.

Brigitte said...

That looks freaking AMAZING!
A very cruel post for me to read though when I can't have raw egg or alcohol!.... It's on my hit-list after baby's born though, oh yes! :)

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

Confessions for an Amateur Baker: I served store-bought tiramisu on Saturday.

Yours looks better. :)

PaisleyJade said...

Simone! This looks so amazing!! I MUST make oneday!!

Anonymous said...

looks Delish!!!!
when can I come over for a piece??????
; )

love and light

Katie said...

This looks YUMMY! Tiramisu is my favourite and my husband makes it for me every year for my birthday! He usually uses Tia Maria but we might have to try the Baileys version - maybe I should ask for one for Mothers Day :-)

alicia said...

oh my! yummy! can you be my mommy? just for a day?

Sammy said...

I had to laugh as I virtually inhaled my first piece and handed my empty plate to Mr G for my second piece... as he was lifting his own spoon to his mouth to have his FIRST bite. Shameful. But my gosh. This dessert rocks.
And yes, was still your fault for the lack of sleep (not!)

jacksta said...

Love the step by step pics Simone...you might have to show us some more of you recipe repertoire!

Johnny said...

Yay for leftovers...yum Simone that looks delicious! I LOVE tiramisu!

Kimberley said...

Hey there! I found you throuh SITS and your collage comment. I may possibly be in love with your blog! lol Thanks for sharing great tips and recipes!


Laura said...

our wedding cake was a tiramisu cake
I should make this
maybe it will save my marriage

or just make us fat

Broot said...

Tag you're it!! (Come check out my blog today!!)

I LOVE Tiramisu!!

alissa {33shadesofgreen} said...

Wow - this does look delicious! Yum! Thanks for linking up - so glad you found the new location for Tasty Tuesdays!

Dalia - Gen X Mom said...

This looks SOOOO yummy! Think I know what I am making this weekend!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Hubby finally made it this weekend...was amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe :-)

Jen said...

This looks divine! I gotta make it.

Stopped over from Mama Kat's :)

Dana K said...

Oh my word. I love Tiramisu.

Sharing this!

Anonymous said...

I've never had Tiramisu but have always wanted to try it. By the time I get to dessert in a restaurant I'm too stuffed. This sounds absolutely delish! I'll have to give it a try!

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