20 October 2011


We made it.
I write this from my own sweet computer in my own sweet {but messy} bedroom, surrounded by half-unpacked suitcases.
I am sitting in my fluffy dressing gown, needing another coffee, having been woken by out-of-sync chilluns before 6am.
However, 6am is preferable to yesterday's rising time - 1.30am.
That would be because on the way home from the airport my super-tired kids fell dead-asleep in the back seat and could not be woken. It was 4pm.

So yeah. We are Home at last.
We returned to a perfectly kept house, an immaculate summer-ready garden and a roast dinner cooked by my mum. What a blessing it has been having my parents look after our house.
How wonderful to return home and be welcomed by them.
It feels so good to be home.
Of course when I sit still I can feel my blood still swimming in my veins, as if we are still on a ship or in the plane.

The kids are a wreck.
Traveling to the other side of the world is rough.
The on-plane experience is fine, watching movies for thirty-seven hours straight, but its the aftermath that kills ya.
The supertiredness, the grumpiness and the effects of a month of being completely spoiled and overstimulated.

I just wanted to call in, however briefly and say howdy.
When the tiredness lifts and the world stops spinning I'll be back with a bit more gusto.
In the meantime I'm just gonna keep unpacking bags, doing laundry and drinking coffee.

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Widge said...

Welcome back Simoney!

Jen said...


bless your parents

jacksta said...

good to see you back safe and sound

PaisleyJade said...

Welcome home!!! I hate jetlag and didn't realise how horrible it was until experiencing it myself last year - so really feeling for you and the kids. See you soon!

Amy said...

Yep, it's a pretty intense thing to experience, so fun but quite demanding. We routinely do it twice a year for a month each time and I find it does takes a couple of weeks to find my feet again. Hoping you get sorted quickly and enjoy slipping back into the arms of Home, inspired and refreshed.

Cat said...

Welcome Home Simoney!!!
I hope the routine comes back quickly for you and the kiddos!

love and light

Tall Pipi said...

Welcome Home! Nice to have you back.

Leonie said...

Welcome home gorgeous girl!!
Its been quiet around here without you. Glad you are back safe and sound.

Pamela said...

Welcome home! Glad your travels were safe.


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