27 October 2011

22 Things I've Done to Avoid Exercise

Today is a beautiful spring day and really, I should not be here cooped up inside, hunched over my computer writing this post. Yet here I am.

The excuses I have for not exercising are pathetic. The opportunities for exercise are plenty.
I have an expired gym membership, neglected then abandoned.
A beautiful bush walkway, beside a gurgling stream conveniently at the end of my street.
I even have a Wii-Fit game complete with heart rate monitor and stretchy band, still in its packaging.
Waiting. Hoping that one day I will get up off my lazy ass, switch off the computer and do something about my fitness.

The lengths to which my lazy ass will go to avoid shrinkage are endless.
And here are some of them, for your reading pleasure...

1. I have upcycled broken furniture
2. I have ironed my tea-towels. Really.
3. I have baked cookies (which really doesn't help).
4. I have martha-ised my laundry cupboard.
5. I have looked for clips of Bear Grylls on YouTube..
6. I have had coffee with friends. A lot.
7. I have started a playgroup at my house. And ended up in A&E.

8. I have hand-stitched cushions for my windowseat
9. I have painted my bedroom. And other rooms.
10. I have created new invitations for my FREE Kids Party Invitation Website (shameless plug)
11. I have taken photographs of my garden. And blogged about it.
12. I have clipped my toenails. I did not blog about that.
13. I have created a website for my son's Bear Grylls {Boy vs. Wild}party. From scratch.
14. I have pinned pretty things on Pinterest.
15. I have read your blogs. More than you know.

16. I started a Bloggy Book Club. And read lots of books. Of course.
17. I have rearranged my house. Several times.
18. I have fiddled with my blog design. Endlessly.
19. I have signed up to PicYou and played with photo effects.

20. I have wasted time on FaceBook. Commenting on status updates. Tagging photos. You know.
21. I made a fluffy bunny out of dust balls from my hallway. Nah not really. But I could have.
22. I have spent the morning writing this post and finding photos to match.

Now can you see why my ass looks like this?


For Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writers Workshop. Writing prompt 1.) Last week we wrote about what we have never done...this week write a list of 22 things you HAVE done.

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NIXNAX said...

You had me in stitches because you were hitting close to home might i add your ass is fine and cleaning and painting i would call exercise. Thanks for this post still lol.

Johnny said...

No one can call you lazy though!!! Haha...I can find numerous excuses not to exercise too!

Penny said...

love it! My list would be titled something along the lines of "things I have done to avoid playing barbies"

Rebecca said...

Haha sounds like you've been very busy doing all those things...and moving furniture etc around is exercise in itself!!

Cat said...

you crack me up
you are amazing!!!!

love and light

PaisleyJade said...

haha - that's why we all love you!!

Jen said...

i agree with Rebecca
you busy lady u

Stasha said...

You put a lot of time and effort into avoiding exercise, I thing that should qualify as exercise. Love the invites you design.

Perspicacious Paula said...

Your post made me laugh! And I am trying to figure out the angle on that last "butt" shot - cracking me up here!!

I am a huge exercise fan so I am afraid I am tempted to try to win you over but not now - I am inspired to create a sculpture out of our dustbunnies (not really but that was funny!).

Alison said...

Awesome list. It made me laugh. I actively avoid exercise too. My XBox Kinect and the dance games that go with it have been sitting, unopened, since last Christmas.

Galit Breen said...

I? Am swooning for this list!

It's clever and pretty and smart.


Maybe, I'm just swooning for you!

Love this (clearly)!

kezharry said...

Ahhhhhh love it, your realness is always refreshing! and i didnt know about this birthday invite website love love love it! you are a women of so many hidden talents!!!! far to many talents to waste time on excersize!!!!

Cat said...

I'm sure I could admit to some *read most* of those things - thankfully my saving grace is I walk Mr 6 to school and home again which involves 4km a day . . .

Kim @ This Belle Rocks said...

But all the other things were so important, too! I actually don't think your ass looks bad at all.

I am out every evening trying to walk mine off! Well..I actually don't care if the ass shrinks or not, as long as some fat comes off my belly!

Just visiting via Mama Kat.

Anonymous said...

"5. I have looked for clips of Bear Grylls on YouTube.."

Cracks me up! That is classic! I can relate to many of those excuses...while I haven't posted as much I have certainly read a lot (bit of an election addict). Have also been looking at You Tube clips of piano covers...but perhaps polishing the new piano counts as exercise??

I say flag it until the new year....if the world is going to end then wouldn't it be better to spend your time eating, drinking, blogging & playing?! :)

Fox in the City said...

Ha ha ha!! Just imagine how crazy fit you would be if you spent that much time working on your fitness?!

I am so with you on the coffee. There is just nothing better than sitting around enjoying a cup or two or more of coffee with friends.

tracy@sellabitmum said...

LOL I love your take on this. Fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Giggle this is hilarious. Great list fabulous take on the prompt.
love your photos too.
Visiting via Mamakatslosingit.

Unknown said...

Oh our family LOVE Bear, we're real fans. My boy has decided his next party theme is Boy Vs Wild!

Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig said...

This is hilarious! And all WAYYYYY more fun (and maybe even better for you!) than exercising. ;)

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! Sounds like a great party!

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