24 August 2011

WW: Loving With Pictures

Remember my photo-less Loving post last Friday?
{the one I had to go back and add a Pinterest image to, cos I couldn't stand the blankness?}
Well here's the Pictures to match...

Photos of Scrag baking... {he loves baking; I love baking with HIM}

Photos of me and Lyns making awesome blingy badges for our Bloggy get-together...


{I love doing stuff with Lyns; we loved the bloggy get-together}

Photos of scones Lyns made... {Love it when friends bring baking warm from the oven...}

Photos of me and Scrag making gluten free pizza bases from scratch...

{love that they were delicious and my family said they were better than bought ones}

Photos of my linen cupboard. Martha-Stewart-tidy after a whole week...

{love Martha's cool tip for stacking sheets sets: put the sheet pairs inside their matching pillowcases; duvet sets inside their matching pillow cases = more space, less mess. Brilliant}

Photos of Scrag whipping my butt at the Memory Game... {love that he is so SMART}

So you see, my friends, I had so much to love.
Much of it food-related.

And now you've seen the pics.
On my almost wordless post.
{Wordless for me at least}.

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Sophie Slim said...

Homemade pizza bases always go down a treat!!! And people give you extra wife (and kid) points for them - little do they know they are so easy!!! Our secret?

I'm loving that Martha Stewart tip!! I don't have enough linen to need to do that, but as soon as I do I'll be adopting it! Thanks :)


TracyP said...

mmmmmmm all that delicious food is making my tummy grumble!! And I LOVED my name tag!! Thanks Lyns!!

Widge said...

Lyns has shrunk!
you're looking teeny tiny lady!!!

really need to sort my linen cupboard too!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm homemade pizza. Might have to whack that on the menu! :) Scrag is getting so big!

alicia said...

Well, I'm the exact same way. I think the photos bring it all to life. And these are a fun mix of photos. I must try that Martha tip with the sheet sets.

Cat said...

Scones look fab -
Names badges were fab -
Linen cupboard just fab -
All simply fabulous darling

Anonymous said...

That pizza looks delicious. I have been doing that with my sheets too. It is awesome.

Tricia said...

Great pictures! Everything looks delicious and i love the blogger bling!

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