11 August 2011

Family Jewels

Those who have always had cousins around the corner may wonder what all the fuss is about.

Those who've always had grandparents living local won't get it either.

But those whose family live far away will understand how amazing it is 
to be surrounded by those of your blood.

What a gift it is to see your children being loved by your parents.

What a treasure for them to have cousins...

Sweet ringletted cousins who who crow ecstatically in Spanish when your Scrag enters the room: "Mi sustantivo! Mi sustantivo! El mio! El mio!"

*My cousin my cousin, he's mine! he's my cousin!*

A sweet little niece who holds out her hands to you, "Tia Simone! Tia Simone!"
She holds your hand and lets you kiss her. She can't understand what you say to her, but she understands that you are family.
When you realise this - She is your niece - your heart will swell.
Her brother, your nephew. When he dances with you at the mall, you might just burst with love.

Such a treasure having cousins to eat cake with, run and bounce with, ride trains with...

Surrounded by a crowd of Paparazzi, eagerly capturing these moments 
to keep for a time when family is not so plentiful...

Every cute phrase duly noted. Every family resemblance remarked upon.

Childhood adventures relived, retold.
"When your mummy was little she used to..."
"When your uncle was a baby he would..."

"Remember when you rode that train with Dad? Where was it now... Rotorua? Hastings! We have that photo of you..."

Its a wonderful thing to be surrounded by family.
Each and every family member a treasure, a jewel beyond price.

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Leonie said...

I am one who totally gets it Simone!! Having family around is such a blessing. We have treasured the last 7 months with family and I dont know how we will cope with leaving them all again. My kids are so close to my Mum and Dad, its is precious beyoung words.

Leonie said...

oops, and it looks like a fabulous time .your niece and nephew are gorgeous.

Mom of 12 said...

Such cute pics! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. My brother and his family live in Christchurch, so we know a little about New Zealand. They teach at the University there.

Rebecca said...

Fabulous!! I love family too :)
Your parents are looking so well!

Amy said...

Another beautiful post, Simone! You have captured the essence of family so well. We are hanging out here for visits from both my brothers in December. They live in Sydney. They're bringing their 'girls' and I'm organising my 30th and my baby boy's dedication for when they are here! Who cares if he will be 18months old, and my birthday is actually in September. Family celebrations are in a class of their own. Soak it in. Every moment. Amy

Cat said...

Oh Simone you sum it up so beautifully - I love your photos. My children have 3 out of 4 grandparents living in the same city as them. Thank goodness for Skype.

jacksta said...

We dont have the cousin thing...but totally get the grandparent thing. They enrich the kids life so much!

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