12 August 2011

Loving School and Other Stuff

I wanted to start off my Loving post with something pretty.
So here I am loving these spring beauties, picked from my confused garden.
Yes. Its still winter.
Not that my garden has got the message.

To accompany that lovely bunch, I'm also loving this jasmine in a jam jar, plucked from a fence where it called to me as I walked past...

...pushing an empty stroller. You gotta love a boy who can push his own pram.

But what i was really loving today was School Assembly.

A note came home, signed by the Principal. Dash is getting a Certificate at Assembly. I am invited to come and witness the occasion.

Whenever I go to assembly I get goosebumps when the whole school stands to sing the New Zealand National Anthem. They sing it in Maori and English. They also do it in sign language.

Goosebumps. Every time. I love our national anthem. The words are incredible.

{I just wish I could find the version the kids sing, on YouTube - it leaves this version in the dust.}

With pride I watched my boyo get a certificate for "an enthusiastic attitude and increased independence".
Love that.

{Which if you knew what we had been through with this boy earlier in the year, you would be bursting with pride too.}

As an added bonus I got to watch Dash and his class practise their "folk dancing" for a festival next week.

I mean, he says he doesn't like it...

...but it looks like he's having fun to me, dontcha think?

Sure, his teacher had to call out his name and tell him to stop talking to his pals...

But I reckon they were into it.

I love seeing boys dancing. *grin*

You just can't beat that olde timey folk dancing, I reckon.

So this week I am feeling all patriotic and warm'n'fuzzy about school and parent help and seeing my kids doing well at school and feeling grateful that we live in an amazing country, and my kids go to a fabulous school, and are blessed with great teachers etc etc.
Really. I am just so grateful.

My brother Someone I have been trying to convince to settle in my town says that "Auckland doesn't feel like Real New Zealand" to him.
Ouch. I can't say I understand his point.
Auckland is one of those places people get the wrong idea about, without really knowing it at all.
People-not-from-here think Auckland is a great big smelly city, full of money-grabbers and foreigners.

But Auckland is really just a bunch of villages conveniently located next to each other, full of ordinary Kiwis trying to get on.
We wear bare feet and go camping and say "Good onya mate" as much as the next bloke.
Aucklanders are real Kiwis too.

Ahem. I got a bit carried away there.

So, as to my Bloggy Makeover Giveaway...
The winner is... Elizabeth.
{Cos she's the only one who said she really needed one and she said please please please.}
So congrats Elizabeth! I will get in touch with you next week so you can tell me what you want.

I hope you are finding lots of things to love and be grateful for in your world.
If you do, write a post about it and link up here...


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Widge said...

yaaaaaay!!! Go Dash!!
I can completely relate to the overwhelming pride after a rough patch too. Our boys are AWESOME1 9and I always get tingles at assembly for the national anthem too)

Widge said...

1 = !
9 = (
incase anyone was wondering...

Ange (Tall, Short & Tiny) said...

Wow, those flowers are beautiful! I love that the kids at your boy's school sing and sign the national anthem - very cool.

Jen said...

i love the smell of jasmine

well done to your son

and yep those are big smiles for someone who reckons he doesnt like dancing

Ms. Kate said...

Well done dash!

Hootnz said...

I can relate to your pride regarding Dash, as one of my boys has struggled aswell, awesome that he is doing so much better :)
As for the Auckland debate.. I myself am a born and bred north shore girl, that moved away to a rural small town in my early twenties... my view is whether you come from a city or small town... there is always going to be pros and cons, there are many things we don't miss, but so many we do... no matter what area in auckland you call home they are so different from each other.

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Loving your loves - the smell of jasmine is one of my faves. And yay for Dash and that hip hair do he's sporting right now! Boys + dancing = GREAT when you can get it.

Awesome that God's grace has been with you through and out the other side of the rough patch.

P.s. a very belated Blogiversary - have not been able to comment much lately but just want to say how much I've laughed, cried and learned while reading your blog.

I can't wait to meet you IRL (again...since I can't really remember the time when I was five!)


Elizabeth said...

YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!!!!!!

SO excited about the Bloggy Make-Over (I just told Hubby and he looked at me blankly... I had to explain it to him and he still didn't get my excitement *grin*... never mind)!!!!

So glad Dash is doing so well, has got to be good!!!!!

Siobhan said...

Aw what a great story about your son! Mine is only 8 months old but I got quite excited thinking this is the kind of thing I have to look forward to. It's rather overwhelming to remember what it was like being a little kid in school and seeing my mum on the sideline watching, then realising that's gonna be me in a few years, eeek! Parenthood is such a buzz sometimes.

Trees said...

Loved this post Simone, I used to do 'Country Dancing' at primary school and even got on the Maypole dance team, skipping in and out and making patterns with all those ribbons! Wish I had pictures of those days.

I had to do a double take at the assembly as your kids don't wear uniform! Ours are usually a sea of grey or navy so it made your words mean even more with that rainbow of children all joined in song.

Melanie said...

Truly sweet. I love to see boys dance too. Hee...
Great photos of the assembly and country dancing. I can feel your pride for your boy. And I love the NZ anthem! Talk about cool...

PaisleyJade said...

LOVE the pics of your boy grinning while he does the dancing he dislikes! I am sure he loves it deep down. Yay for an amazing award - awesome!!

Can't wait to see you soon Simone - you are such an amazingly awesome gal!

PaisleyJade said...

Oh yeah, and Widge, I don't know if it's my IQ or blondness, but it took me forever to figure out your second comment! DUH!!

Unknown said...

I've been lurking a lot lately without commenting (sorry!) Just wanted to say that your flowers are gorgeous!! I couldn't grow those right now if I tried--not because of cold but because of the HEAT!! Enjoy them and enjoy your beautiful family. :)

Amy said...

I must admit to finding it hard to sing our National Anthem. I get all choked up. Really need to find the Maori words and learn them properly instead of trying to remember and not look silly each time!

Amy said...

Elizabeth will be SO excited to get your bloggy makeover (I know her so I can say this!)!!! Very exciting! Amy

Maxabella said...

Wah, no makeover for me.

I love your national anthem as well. It's a great tune, I've never known the words, but now I will look them up. x

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