10 August 2011

Laughter in the Morning

My house was hit by a tornado this morning.
Don't worry, its just the usual getting-off-to-school storm - nothing out of the ordinary.
Two little hurricanes that swept through leaving behind echoes of laughter.

The house might be in chaos, its true...
      ...beds, a tumble of blankets...
                 ...table, littered with breakfast remains...
                        ...floors, scattered with the rubble of discarded clothes...

but this morning was as bright as the sunshine pouring through my window.

It could have gone differently.
I awoke to the usual knees in spine and calls for breakfast.
A moaning child blew in like a cold wind, "Mum I don't want to go to school... I am sosososososo tiiiired!"

I didn't fight her. For once.
This time I stumbled bleary-eyed from my bed, poured some cereal for the spine-kicker and summoned the tired one onto my knee.
Stroking her hair I let her just sit. Breathe. Collect herself.
Soon she was smiling and showering, singing.

Then, a call for help.
"Muuum! It's too hot! Ow! Ow!"
I run to adjust the water temperature and make to leave the bathroom.
Then I hear, "Ahhhh that's better. Now where was I...?"
Tee Hee.
I giggle my way back to the kitchen.

Later we sit eating, me sipping tea on a pile of unfolded washing.
Dave the Cat makes an appearance, and Dash runs to pet her.
Do you know the story of Dave our female cat? She adopted us by sitting on our back step for four days, until we relented and took her in. The kids named her Dave before we knew she was a girl.
Dave Sean Allen is her full name.

So there we are, eating, sipping, laughing at crazy Dave.
Then Dash tiptoes over to me and whispers loudly near my ear, "The cat you need is Dave Sean Allennnnn!"

I start laughing. Straight away I know what he's doing. Nanny McPhee.

"The person you need is Nanny McPhee..."

"The cat you neeed is Daaave Seaaan Alllllennnn!"

We are all laughing.
I wave Dash off to school, he blows me a kiss and shouts, "Love you mum!" over his shoulder as the front door slams.

Miss Fab follows, smiling, waving.

I sit in the sun with my crunchy fruit toast and lukewarm tea, smiling to myself.
My heart is full.
Full of laughter, giggles and the sweet words of my nutty kids.
It may look a tornado's been through the house, but in my warm fuzzy mummy-heart its all bright sunshine and roses.

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Anonymous said...

good to talk to you after the hurricane!!!
thanks for taking the time : )

love and light

PaisleyJade said...

Lovely Simone... and so similar to our house. Here I sit, still in my dressing gown with a towel wrapped around my head!!

Maxabella said...

That's the kind of tornado I welcome every day. Gorgeous share, Simoney. Your place looks lovely beneath all the debris! x

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Our house always looks the same in the morning too! Lovely post xx

kezharry said...

i needed this reminder to just enjoy the family and forget about the mess!

Jollym said...

What an awesome post, thanks for being brave enough to share it all :) And I agree with the comment above, I needed this reminder to ignore the mess and enjoy my wee girls :)

Lyn said...

kids ARE cute aren't they. Lovin the 'where was I' comment... haha.

Jen said...

kids say the funniest things dont they :)

The Woven Moments said...

So very sweet! This gives me hope for my rising Kindergartner's school mornings, which start in just a couple of weeks.

Melanie said...

So sweet. What a reminder to focus on and cherish those kid moments even while the house is a complete disaster area (which often, is mine's).

Lovely, Simone.

ju said...

Wow you are awesome, I loved reading this post sooooooo much! Just like our place!!

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