06 January 2012

Daddy Bought a Kayak...

Daddy bought a kayak
he's out on it right now
paddling over ocean waves
fishing off the bow

Daddy loves his kayak
he cleans it every day
to wash off the salt water
and keep the rust away

An orange double kayak
is what our daddy bought
so he can take the kids out
daddy-bonding as he ought

He bought our Dash a fishing rod
for fishing in the sea
and got some safe life-jackets
not just one or two but three

 Our Daddy bought a kayak
and now he reads the tides
and when the water level's up
over waves he rides

Daddy loves that kayak
and he loves his kiddies too
the perfect combination
sea and sun and sailing too

Photos taken at Sandy's Parade beach near Laingholm, where we hung out with our cool friends Lyns and Jean-Claude, Rangi and Bubble - always a fun time ♥

{Bubble and Scrag have wetsuited watery fun}

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cmorgenstern said...

I love your photos. We are a family of canoers but since we live right in the center of Germany no sea in sight, rivers have to do and we have quite a lot of them. My husband and I have paddled rivers up in the Yukon and Northwest Territories before the kids. Canoeing is a lot of fun as is shown in your pictures.
Greetz from a rainy and cold area

Sophie said...

oh what fun! roll on summer kayaking!!

Anonymous said...

Granny Winnie x

Lyns said...

Cute post Great photos Was lots of fun! xx

Cat said...

awesome Simoney!!!
that will be great for dad and dash!

love it
looks like fun

Love and Light

Jen said...

so very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant wait to get up to my sisters again sometime she and her hubby brought the bigger kids oner each
I want a turn!

Cate said...

What fun for Daddy and the gang ;-)

Amy said...

Yay for Daddy bonding time!
Munchkin is now the proud owner of a Munchkin-sized lifejacket, but we have yet to head on out...the weather was less than conducive during our holiday with the grandparents (owners of the kayaks and life jackets). Maybe later this month? You've got me all anticipating now...grin.

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