05 May 2015

May the 4th be with You (a last minute Star Wars Theme Dinner)

May the Fourth Be With You

You know what yesterday* was, right? International Star Wars Day. "May the Fourth be with you" and all that. It's an actual thing, didn't you know?

[* TODAY if you're in the northern Hemisphere]

We have a bit of a Star Wars mad population, along with screeds of Jedi regalia and leftover party bits. It's been AGES since we've done a theme dinner, so I impulsively announced at breakfast that we'd be having a Star Wars theme dinner tonight in honour of May the Fourth. Woop. Excitement all round.

Of course, I forgot all about it and did nothing towards it as the day rolled on - and then the kids came home and the little guy was all, "Yay it's our Star Wars dinner tonight!" and I went, "oh bugger".

So I did what every last-minute-Larry does who has promised her kids something and doesn't want to be the party pooper: I fell back on the quick and easy options.

I dug out the light saber napkin rings I stashed last year from our Star Wars Party Just Because; I spread the table with a navy blue sheet and put Mr G's vintage Star Wars pillowcase in the middle. I dug out some gold paper plates left over from some other party. I whipped up a jug of cheats Yoda Soda (apple juice with soda water and a few drops of green food colouring) and announced that Han Burgers were on the menu.

Yoda Soda
"Han" Burgers

Then I remembered that we had a tube of $2 shop glow sticks lying unused in one of my party supplies boxes... so I made these little beauties in two minutes flat:

Star Wars mini Light Sabers

Easy peasy! Glow sticks with a strip of silver sticky tape wrapped around one end to form a handle.
Perfect for miniature light saber battles at the dinner table...

Mini Glow stick Light sabers

Ah yes, there's nothing like a bit of last minute theme dinner fun (and on a school night too).

May the Fourth Be With You

I think I started working on this at around 5 o'clock. Laid the table, made the burger patties, mixed the drink, turned glow sticks into light sabers. Then told everyone to quickly find a costume and get up to the table at around 6pm. That's all the time it took to pull this off.

May the Fourth Be With You Star Wars

(We couldn't find Darth Vader's helmet, so he looks a little weird, but oh well)

Star Wars table setting
May the Sauce be with me

It was a bit of impromptu easy dinner fun, just because I felt like we needed something to give us a boost. Any excuse, right? It's been too long.

Planet Hoth sundaes - star wars dessert
[Cookies 'n' cream icecream with squirty cream was the best I could come up with for dessert at short notice. Planet Hoth Sundaes? Haha]

So for all my Northern Hemisphere readers who are still in the middle of May the Fourth - why not take a leaf from our book and StarWars-ify tonight's dinner? It's super easy. And lots of fun.

May the Fourth Be With You

P.S. My (proper) Yoda Soda recipe was featured today on a Canadian website called The Loop who have done a roundup of Star Wars themed food. Check out all the edible Star Wars coolness here.


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