29 May 2015

At My House: Things I'm Loving and Doing

Sometimes I have so many ideas for blog posts running through my head that I end up writing nothing at all.
Today I'm going to just let the pictures do most of the talking and show you what I've been up to round my place lately.

See that picture above? It's my mantelpiece, which is sporting a new pair of dipped cast-iron candlesticks found at SaveMart for $5.99 the pair. Brightening up the room with a bit of seasonal cut beauty, are some crabapple branches. I think they look amazing. Who needs flowers when you have branches?

This week I've been taking inspiration from a book that my lovely friend Miriam recommended to me after she read one of my recent DIY posts: The Nesting Place. Loved it SO MUCH! Inspiration and encouragement galore. I'm now following the Nesting Place blog as well because, the author has become my home design hero.

I've also been trying out my sewing machine lately (a Christmas prezzy from my M.I.L - thank you Winnie!) and practising sewing straight lines.
In the spirit of upcycling and reusing, I cut the stripey ends off an old stained woolen blanket and sewed this beauty, of which I am MOST proud (just look at that STRAIGHT LINE!)...

It now graces the couch in the boys' new space (along with Philip, the giant stuffed croc)...

If you look carefully you will spot one of those sought-after copper lamps ($25.00 from Kmart) and an ampersand (&) light. However in spite of these trendy elements I don't think you'll find us featured in the stylie Kmart Instafeed - we are really not going for "styled" but we ARE hoping for "tidied".

Meanwhile in breaking news, this happened...

Yes folks, the doors finally went up in the boys' space, separating Dash from Scrag and giving the big lad his dream come true - a room with a closeable door AND space to breathe.

Bed not made. Room not styled, but DOOR CLOSED = Room Design Win.

Since we are great fans of tweaking and changing things up, and since The Nester has greatly inspired me lately, I spent some time yesterday making Miss Fab's FAB room, even fabbier...

A scattering of gold triangles have turned a plain TradeMe chest of drawers (that we had been hiding behind the door) into something that was worth putting on display. Meanwhile I finally got round to putting up the Eiffel Tower decal I bought online yonks ago. 

When I opened the packaging I discovered it was a heck of a lot smaller than I'd imagined, and looked ridiculously puny down at the base of the wall where I'd planned to put it. So I hung it up higher and moved the bookshelf underneath so it didn't look like it was levitating. After adding in the chevron beanbag and flipping the pinboard on it's side (it's hung with old rope from a hook) it has made a cosy reading corner.

The room's occupant squealed when she came home and saw what I'd done. (She's in love with Paris right now - yes a Paris-themed birthday is being planned).

Now THIS room IS "styled" - but that's the way Miss Fab likes it (and she makes her bed every day).

Righto. I think that's enough for today. Tune in next time to see Simone attempt a gallery wall...?!



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