07 May 2015

Bathroom DIY and the Miracle of White Paint

Bathroom DIY

My bathroom had been haunting me with its hideousness for too many years. It was a sea of pine paneling and whoever fitted it out (back in the Eighties?) lacked even the good sense to install a plain white bath. My pine paradise sported a beige bath and shower, peachy beige sink and awesome peach towel rails to match.

As with my previously pine kitchen, any major reno was way down on the "House Fix" list. Priorities were replace the roof, replace the boiler and get the mortgage down.

If I wanted rid of the pine-and-beige ugliness it was up to me and my paintbrush.

Bathroom DIY BEfore

I took heart from the success of my kitchen makeover, and knew that I had convinced my hubby that acres of pine was naff and white painted wood was so much cooler.

Plus I still had half a pail of white paint from the kitchen and plenty of the smooth-surface sealer. All I needed was a free day and enough elbow grease to get the job done.

Bathroom DIY BEfore
[All that ugly wood paneling darkened the room and was just begging to be painted white] 
When an uncluttered day finally dawned, here's how I did it:

Bathroom DIY in progress

FIRST UP: Paint every bit of wood paneling with a coat of Resene Smooth Surface Sealer. Don't forget the ugly peach towel rail, give that a coat as well.

Bathroom DIY painting paneling

Goodbye heinous wooden vanity. I wish i could just rip you out and replace you, but in the meantime, you shall be WHITE...

Bathroom DIY painting in progress

NEXT: By the time I had worked my way round the entire bathroom with the undercoat, the first panel was ready for a coat of white. Oh man this was going to look so PRETTY!

Bathroom DIY in progress

Coat after coat (1 undercoat, two top coats) we majicked away the ugly pine...

Bathroom DIY White painted timber

In its place is fresh and lovely white tongue-and-groove. The whole room now glows with light.

Bathroom DIY

I painted the non-paneled walls with Resene "nebula" - a blue-grey paint that seems to change shade depending on the light.

Bathroom makeover complete

Bathroom makeover complete

White paint really is a miracle worker.
Of course the paint hasn't taken away the ugly peachy vanity top or the beige bath, but it has reduced their impact.
The ugly dated fixtures kind of fade into the background and the crisp white tongue-and-groove paneling makes the room feel bright and fresh.
I can live with the dated fixtures much more happily now that the wood is gone.
One day when the mortgage is paid and we have a budget for a proper reno, we'll get a new flash bathroom suite. ONE DAY.
But even then, I think I'll keep the tongue and groove - I love it.

Wood Paneling = Undercoat: Resene Smooth Surface Sealer; Top Coat x 2 = Resene "Quarter Thorndon Cream"
Unpaneled Walls = Resene "Nebula" (with mould preventer for wet areas added in.)
Round Rope Mirror = $25 from Bed, Bath and Beyond

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