02 January 2012

Hello, goodbye and Happy New Year

Hello Twenty-Twelve. Nice to meet you (so far). I have high hopes for you. You bring with you a fresh start, an unsullied canvas. Your new days stretch out in front of me, empty, waiting to be filled.
I know its up to me to fill them well and make the most of each and every one.
Not something I always manage, mind you.

Goodbye Twenty-Eleven. Lets be honest, you were a mixed bag.
I can't say I shed a tear as I counted down to midnight.

There were adventures and blessings, I can't deny that.

I will remember you for the friendships that grew and were strengthened.
I'll reminisce in years to come about the fun times, the laughter, the cuteness of my kids.
Not so fun were the trials. The difficulties. The tests.
But as unwelcome as pain often is, I suspect these were the things that actually made me face up to myself.
Trouble brought me face to face with my blindspots. Darn it.

So now, in brand-new Twenty-Twelve, knowing what I now know about myself, I have a choice.
Do something about it. Or don't.
Stay the same. Or choose to change.
Stagnate. Or grow.
Push myself. Or be a slob forever.

Ah, Twenty-Eleven, thanks for holding up the Mirror of Pressure so I could finally see those nasty pustulous Blindspots of mine.
Thanks for bringing my parents to live in my town. My parents who watched me grow up and who have a different perspective on me than what I do.

So that when I am lamenting over my son's lazy ways, and they laugh and say, "He's just like you were as a kid!" I get the shock of my life.
What? I wasn't the diligent hardworking nerd of my own memory?
Er, no.
I was a chancer who did enough to get by and coasted on my brains and natural ability, not bothering to work hard unless I really had to.

Ah reality, how you smash our illusions.
And here I was blaming depression for my lazy slob ways.
Not so. Seems I've been a follower of my feelings from birth.

{grateful for this insight into my couch-dwelling self}

Now what will I do with this insight into myself?
Can I use it to actually *gasp* do stuff I don't feel like doing?
Like maybe exercising to shift some of this middle-age spread, which seems to be spreading out of control (darn you Lindt chocolates in my Christmas stocking).

Whether I feel like it or not, that's what I need to do.
Take control of my health and wellbeing, my time and my timetable...
Just. Do. It.

I need to shift ten kilos.
To do this I need to make exercise and physical activity a part of my everyday. As well as ditching the Lindt balls.
That's for starters.

Call it a New Years Resolution if you want.

New Years Eve: Hello Goodbye
We saw in the new year with a bunch of friends and their kids. Really too many for an indoor party. This became apparent as the rain poured down and my stress levels rose higher and higher as I imagined all of us inside, kids bouncing off the walls in the sticky humidity.
OK, I admit it, I had a meltdown at the thought of it. Mr G sat on the end of my bed as I sniffed and snivelled, "I just don't want to have a panic attack in front of everyone if the noise and the crowds get too much!"

My wise husband said, Lets pray. So we did. Please God either let some people cancel or stop the rain.
Guess what? The rain stopped. After three days of continuous wet stuff, the sun came out.
It was my own New Year Miracle. And guess what else?
Just after the last guests left, it started raining again. I swear its true.

{grateful for my New Year's Eve Miracle}

Dear Friends: Hello, Goodbye
We got to spend New Year's Eve with Gail. For two weeks I got to hang out with her and her sweet family as they returned briefly from China. Miss Fab got to hang out with her dear friend-since-babyhood, Miss Marvellous.

They flew out this morning, early. Back to China until April.
Last night found me crying (again). I miss my friend even more now that I've been reminded how awesome she is.

{grateful for my awesome friend}

I'm just glad that time is racing by so fast these days. April will be here before we know it.

Floating Lantern, New Years Eve

Righto, now I've written my "Welcoming in the new year" post,  I'm back off to the couch.
But don't worry, I haven't been on it all day. Amazingly, this lazy slob-bottom has actually been out on her bike today.
I said to a whingeing bored Miss Fab, come on, lets go for a bike ride.
And off we went. Had a great time together.
The first of many mummy-Fab bike rides I'm sure.

{grateful for having a bike, and a daughter}

I made no resolution. I'm just going to do it.
And maybe when I go to the airport to welcome my friend Gail back in April... it will be a slimmer, healthier me that she'll be hugging.
I hope so. Now watch me make it so.

Grateful for a Fresh New Year,

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Johnny said...

Darlin!! I am so with you. There is weight to be shifted in this quarter too but much laziness to contend with. Love your post, love what you write and love you! And also...your photos are coming along beautifully, love the depth of field in some of them. Catch you soon...did I hear a rumour of a possible bloggy catch up soon? Perhaps we could do it near a beach near me? ;)

Cat said...

What a beautiful post - I hear you really I do - middle aged spread grrrrrr -
So nice to catch up with your friend - bitter sweet to say good bye or until we meet again
Here is to a healthy and happy 2012 xxx

Tall Pipi said...

Down with middle age spread! I'm with you on that one. My husband ever so nicely said the other day that we are both getting a bit fat and need to lose some flab. Now I could have had a meltdown over his comment but he wasn't being nasty and I know it is so true. I said, "so you think I'm getting fat?" And he paused and then said, "a little bit". So I'm with ya sister. Let's make it so!

count it all joy said...

Darn you Lindt balls! Sounds like you've had an amazing few weeks celebrating Christmas and the New Year. Can't wait to see and hear how 2012 unfolds for you Simoney. You always manage to inspire me:) Meredy xo

meg said...

Thanks for the party and getting that rain switched off. Go and try out your sports active game today... It's not too hard to figure out! Nice post and pretty pictures too. X

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Simone! Looks like a lovely celebration with Gail and her family. Good luck with your resolution!

Jen said...

liked reading your post - neat pictures too :)

all the best for 2012 to you my dear friend

Cat said...

great post Simoney
Happy New Years Friend
sorry I haven't been by sooner...just have not had the time till this moment I am stealing
even though the oven keeps calling me that what is in it is done!!! lol
I want to really encourage you on getting more movement in your life...physical well-being is very important for mental health, as I do know that you know
I just know form my own experience it is a life line...
find something you have fun at...if you hate it you will never stick it out...but if you find something you love, even if it is hard to get going once you start you will be so glad you did..maybe you need a blog just for that???? lol just kidding
Ok that timer keeps going off
talk to you soon

ps Gail looks awesome!!!
and has Olivia grown??????

Love and Light

NIXNAX said...

I just loved everything about this post and it sounded much like my own mind. I love all your blog actually and you have inspired me many times in 2011 and now you have inspired me already for 2012. I hope to get my slob bottom moving a bit more too. I look forward to following you in the year ahead too. Happy New Year :)

Sophie said...

ahhh yay for New Year's Miracles! :)
loving seeing the photos of your catch up with Gail and the fam - how Dash has grown!!!!

Maxabella said...

So happy to see you, Simoney. And in answer to your question: Strive. x

Deb @ home life simplified said...

Love this post! Beautiful photos, sentiments, lanterns (OMG love) and a story of friendship i only wish i could relate to (how lucky to have a friendship like that as an adult)

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