11 January 2012

I Found My Word for the Year


It's a word isn't it?
NO? Well it is now.

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Meghan Maloney Photography said...

I likey..and it so IS a word!

We've just embarked on a much needed 2 month healthy eating/exercise blitz here too, and this is a a very useful mantra for me too.

Good luck just doing it!

Cat said...

its a word now sister!!!!


Love and Light

Sophie said...

Fabulous! You obviously work for Nike now ;) Looking forward to many blog posts about Just Doing It! Love and hugs, Sx

Maxabella said...

Brilliant word, of course it's a word (now). One f our mottos around here s "just do it, and it's done". Works for me! x

Anonymous said...

Great attitude - go for it!

meg said...

So what are you going to justdo today? Kids and I are about to JustDance.

Domestic Mama said...

Love this post. Simple but GOOD ADVICE ;)

Thanks for sharing !

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