31 January 2012

Rite of Passage

This boy just started at Big Kindy.
That's what we call the kindergarten all the kids went to, the last stop before School.
Only Big Boys (and girls) go to Big Kindy.
Big boys who wear undies and go to the toilet by themselves.
At Big Kindy kids stay all day.
We've been on the waiting list for a while, and finally it's our turn.

Here is Scrag on his first day. The first day of the last stop before I have no more littlies at home.
{Time to start working on my Resume...?}

We have an association with our local kindergarten stretching back over nearly seven years.
The first one to go to Big Kindy was Dash...

Dash on his First day at Big Kindy, November 2005
This is a real community kindergarten.We made friends there for life, people we still hang out with.
It was on a day when I was early for kindy that I spotted the home that would become ours, as I cruised the block looking at For Sale signs and dreaming...

Miss Fab started going when she turned three. Her best friend from kindy is now her best friend at school... the little sister of one of Dash's Big Kindy friends.

Miss Fab on her First day at Big Kindy, July 2007

My Big Kindy pals were the first to hear that Scrag was on the way. In fact it was them who suggested I better go home and take a pregnancy test when I told them I was feeling squeemish and had a metallic taste in my mouth...

I could not have imagined how fast the years would fly by; how the tiny speck in my belly would become a big boy off to Big Kindy himself, in the blink of an eye...

Scrag on his First day at Big Kindy, January 2012

Its the beginning of the end of an era.

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Sophie said...

Oh how lovely to see all their photos of their First Days - and exciting for your too! Imagine all those books that are going to be published now that you've got time to finish them Simoney?! Wow!

Sarah said...

Awww, wishing you and your big boy a happy and smooth transition in this next phase of your lives! Hope all goes well x

remaliah said...

I hope Scrag settles into kindy well and loves his time there. And new friends for him and you to be made! It makes me excited about kindy! I must calm my future-thinking mind and enjoy now because it does go quickly!
P.S. I can't get to your Blogiquette post...it comes up with a page saying 'Page not found'...I'm not sure if it's just me, or others also having trouble getting to it??
Have a great week over there!

Brigitte said...

Awwww must be lots of emotions for you today! Hope all goes well, he looks very proud of himself going off to Big Kindy, bless him! X

Gail said...

yay for scrag. Cool for you too. And resume? what's that?

Unknown said...

Hugs to you, friend, on this big day! For you and Scrag!! :0)

meg said...

Love all of the cutie pix. You're blog is busy again! I bet it'll all go well. How about I come over tomorrow and get you going on your wii fit thingy? x

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