18 October 2013

Spring Declutter: Pantry Complete (+Tupperware Winners)

So here we are at last: the final stage of our Pantry Project, where we add some beautiful new storage and finish it off with a flourish.

The first exciting thing that happened was hearing a knock at the door and discovering two boxes of beautiful new Tupperware had been delivered right on schedule...

I've never had Tupperware before, though I've admired it in other people's pantries. When Tupperware emailed me about reviewing some baby feeding sets, I cheekily suggested they might want to come on board with this project instead... and they agreed*! Very exciting. As I unpacked the box I was rather surprised just how big the containers were - much bigger than what I'd imagined from the photos. And I am in love with those black lids...

I had fun transferring all my baking ingredients, rice, pasta and whatnot into the containers ready for natalie's next visit, where she "went to town" with her label maker...

Now there will be no confusion about what's what. Everything stacks beautifully - Tupperware's Modular Mates system is designed that way - which means that although the containers are really big, they take up far less room in my pantry than my old cylinder ones from the supermarket.
I can quickly see what I am running short of, Miss Fab can find everything she needs for her baking adventures, and things will last and last inside those magic airtight seals.

*(Tupperware supplied me with 2x Super Pantry Sets for this project - plus one spaghetti dispenser which I love to bits. Thankyou Tupperware! I'm a convert forever).

A few other exciting things arrived in the post too. Some lovely bits and bobs I found on TradeMe (NZ's answer to eBay) after Natalie suggested some other clever space-saving devices....

A Door Mounted Spice Rack...

I'm so glad clever Natalie suggested this. As well as saving space, the door mounted spice rack also makes stuff really really easy to find. I can swing open the door and Hey presto! there's my Tumeric/Vanilla/baking soda. Mr G was very clever at positioning the rack so the door would close. the shelves are easily adjustable and fit the salt and pepper grinders as well as the cute spice jars I also found on TradeMe (and which Natalie labelled so sweetly)...

Then as if all this is not enough to have me leaving the pantry doors open, just for the view, Natalie had one last brilliant idea:

A Pantry Door Blackboard Shopping List

This brainwavey idea is like the icing on the cake. I found the blackboard stickers on TradeMe, being sold in a 200cm x 45cm roll for the princely sum of $16.
It's removable. Easy to cut to the size you want (if you use the handy gridlines on the peel-off back, which I didn't discover til afterwards so mine is slightly crooked on one edge...). Perfect if you're in a rental property or simply don't want the hassle of painting a blackboard.
And it looks so very... Pinteresty.

(It is a two person job though. You'll need a buddy. Me and Nat had a good laugh taking these photos).

I love my new pantry. If you come visit me for coffee (or deliver me a pizza) you'll most likely be dragged into my kitchen to ooh and ahhh over my domestic miracle.

I can't tell you what a different this decluttered, reorganised, upgraded cupboard has made to my everyday life. I'm no longer nervous about looking for a bikkie to dunk in my cuppa tea. I no longer tremble in fear when Miss Fab announces she wants to bake (as she does. A LOT). When we run low on stuff, I know about it. When We have enough of something, I know not to order it on the shopping. Dave the Cat's pet food is now written on the purty new blackboard shopping list. She won't be going hungry next week.

[Top Left: The Pantry BEFORE; Top Right: the Pantry STAGE 1; Above: The Pantry COMPLETE]

A friend once remarked that she didn't know how I did it with such a small amount of pantry storage for a family of five. I agreed with her, sadly nodding. But not anymore.
I can't wait to show her my new pantry, where there's now plenty of room for everything...

I am in love with my new pantry, where there's a place for Everything, and Everything is in its place, thanks to my decluttering guru Natalie. I can't recommend her enough.

(If you need help getting started on decluttering, if you're moving house or have a really tough mission that you could use some help on, give Natalie a call. She's clever and so good to work with and she's willing to tackle anything. She's non-judgemental, full of great ideas and really really good at what she does.)

I'd love you to join with me for the Spring Declutter. Natalie and I have more projects planned down the track.  If you want to tackle your home's problem areas, make sure you take "Before" photos - so you can share your "before" and "after" photos to my Facebook Page and/or blog about it and link up below and/or post to my Facebook page. (If you're blogging your decluttering projects, here's a button for you to grab; the linky will remain open until December.)

Grab button for Spring Declutter
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And now what you've all bee waiting for: The Winner of the Tupperware Giveaway... Who has won the two beautiful Modular Mates Pantry Starter Kits, valued at $NZ190. (One, a reader in New Zealand. One, a reader in Australia. Visit the Tupperware website to see the range...)

And the Winners are:

NEW ZEALAND: Melissa Jack

Congratulations ladies! I wish I had More Tupperware to give away to more of you :(
The entries were randomly drawn on Rafflecopter - the first name up was Melissa (from The Best Nest) who happened to be Kiwi; then I had to keep drawing names until I got to an Aussie... first Aussie up was Emma Rowe (from Frog Goose and Bear).

Ladies you need to email me your mailing details so I can pass them onto to Tupperware and your prize can be dispatched.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. If you didn't win and are now heartbroken and weeping into your trim flat white, because you had your heart set on Tupperware but find it usually out of your price range, my friend Lyn might be able to help you find a way to get discounted Tupperware. You can email her on lynmareeb@gmail.commention my blog and she'll help you out.

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