22 October 2013

Now Spring is Here for real...

Round these parts, Spring hasn't officially started until the weather is nice enough to eat outside, under the grapevine. And last night, Spring finally sprung.

Miss Fab helped me knock up some homemade hamburgers & hand-cut wedges. I whizzed up a fruit smoothie in the blender... and we headed outdoors for our dinner.

It's kind of a tradition.

Here we all are back in 2008. Same people, just smaller;

[Spring 2008, five years ago]

I can't believe how fast they are all growing up. It's cliched, but true. Time goes too fast.

[Trampoline antics after dinner last night]

 I mean, look at them. So tall. Bouncing and wrestling on the tramp after munching on burgers.
(how do they DO that??)

[trampoline antics after dinner five years ago, Dash was Scrag's age]
Some things don't change. Like my kids being energetic clowns. Who can do flips on the tramp after a burger and a smoothie.

This morning on the way to school:
MISS FAB: Man o man, last night was awesome!
ME: Huh? Last night? What was last night? (I'm a bit slow in the morning)
MISS FAB: Last night! Dinner Outside??! It was the BEST. Just THE BEST!!

Yeah. The simple things, traditions, like making burgers and eating them outside and then bouncing til you want to puke. This is the stuff of memories and dreams.

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